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ewtn-appEWTN Radio or TV Live or Video on Demand (free) Apple | Android | Kindle Fire :

Download the free EWTN app and carry largest the religious media network in the world with you wherever you go. EWTN transmits programming 24 hours a day from its home base in the United States. You can enjoy EWTN Live Streams (TV & Radio), many of the popular TV and Radio shows on demand Mass, prayers and devotionals, and keep up on the latest Catholic news.
For example, to access the daily Mass simply open the home screen and choose “on Demand” button. This takes you to the “Daily Mass” menu (pictured)

BONUS! Free RSV-CE Bible text and Book of Mark audio included with your download of the EWTN app.

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CatholicTV (Free)  Apple | Android  Watch the daily Mass, the Holy Rosary, a unique reflection for each day and keep abreast of what’s going on at America’s Catholic Television Network. CatholicTV provides inspiring/entertaining programming, faithful to the teaching of the Church. Check out ways to watch CatholicTV online.

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iMass ($1.99) for Apple | AndroidExtraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass in Latin (1962 missal). Many simply call this the “Traditional Latin Mass.” Offered through this app is a daily televised Mass. Brought to you by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, this app is supremely easy to use. It provides a complete missal– the text of the Mass of the day according to the 1962 Missal (Latin on left side and English on right side in landscape format)–so you can use it for participation at Mass.

Outside of an actual church setting, you can watch Mass live or on demand celebrated in the Extraordinary Form courtesy of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota, Florida, USA and other cities around the world. More info. is at the iMass web site. As they appropriately warn, “This app does not serve to fulfill the Sunday Obligation of going to church and assisting at Mass, however it is an optimal way to unite yourself to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at any time of the day or night.” When watching the video version you can use a split screen for the text of the missal.  If you do not have a suitable mobile device, you can watch recordings of the Mass on your computer at this web site AND get the day’s missal.


Access live and on-demand Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City with Cardinal Dolan

img_0910-1A consolidation of Vatican media has swallowed several old Vatican media outlets (including Vatican Radio) into a new “network hub of Vatican communications” called Vatican News (Free) Apple | Android. If you have old Vatican news apps installed, some may change automatically to the re-branded app (as with Pope App) or just will cease to operate. In that case, download this app.

Want to watch video of Pope Francis’ daily Mass? It’s found here.

As the name suggests, this re-branded Vatican News app provides newsy up-to-date (even live!) content connecting you with all things dealing with not just the Pope, but the Vatican, the universal Church and (Catholic) World news in those four categories.  This app was developed by the Vatican’s relatively new Secretariat for Communication as the official network hub based on its web site. So, its content encompasses the entire Holy See and anything concerning the universal Church that would be of interest to the masses. Content includes news reports, video reports, video of events in their entirety (some of it live), the three dependable elements of the pope’s schedule (Angelus, General Audience and Santa Maria daily Mass homily) and more. The app also offers daily readings, Saint of the Day, Vatican News Radio (old Vatican Radio) programming on 11 channels. The radio news reports are offered in text and audio.

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iCatholicRadioiCatholicRadio (Free)  iOS Android– a Catholic Radio service of Holy Family Communications, a not for profit organization. 24/7 access to solid Catholic teaching, live call-in shows, talk shows, devotionals, and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. They bill themselves as the #1 Catholic Radio app in the world. From developer: Now with listeners in over 140+ countries. Tune in and witness the treasures of the Catholic faith. Learn about Scripture, pray along with devotionals and the Mass, delve into Church history and get answers from the top Catholic Apologists on how to intelligently answer questions about our Catholic faith.


Choose between two international streams:
iCatholicRadio – English
iCatolicoRadio – Spanish

And seven local affiliate stations:

  • WLOF – Buffalo, NY affiliate
  • WQOM – Boston, MA affiliate
  • WHIC – Rochester, NY affiliate
  • WTMI – Syracuse, NY affiliate
  • WMTQ – Elmira/Corning, NY affiliate
  • WMIH – Erie, PA/NE Ohio
  • WQHE – Oil City, PA

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CatholicOne-LaudateLaudate (Free) Apple and Android app includes a Catholic Media section which launches iCatholicRadio

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Relevant-Radio-appRelevant Radio (Free) Apple | Android | Kindle Fire (1st generation and up)- Relevant Radio provides calm, clear and charitable discussion of matters of our Catholic faith broadcast on dozens of stations across the United States. Producers characterize the station as “Talk Radio for Catholic life. ” With this app, you can access their broadcasts on live stream. Plus…broadcast shows are available on demand via podcast which they archive for the period of one month. As an additional feature, Relevant Radio serves up audio recordings of various prayers which add considerable value to the app on your mobile device: Rosary (all mysteries with or without music); Chaplet of Divine Mercy; the Memorare; Angelus and Regina Coeli; Prayers to St. Joseph. A separate tab allows you to send in your prayer requests which producers say are prayed for individually in front of the Blessed Sacrament. Daily Mass readings are also available in text format only.

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radio-maria-logo Radio Maria (Free) Apple | Android| Windows Phone. This world-wide ministry is a family of radio networks spanning five continents including the United States. It is based in Rome with Catholic priests serving as directors of its various networks which are run by volunteers. Developers note that programing is aimed at promoting “the evangelical message of joy and hope, becoming a tool to console the sick and the poor, according to the teaching of the magisterium of the Catholic Church; with a clear and rich Marian spirituality. [Radio Maria] promotes…the action of peace and promotion of human values, above all in the developing countries.” Choose from among many countries of origin with Catholic programing in a variety of languages. Once the app is downloaded, simply open and choose the country/language you wish to listen to. Enjoy your programing commercial-free as Radio Maria does not accept advertising, operating strictly on volunteer work and donations.

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iCatholicMusiciCatholic Music (Free) Apple | Android  Sometimes it’s important to reevaluate what influences your surroundings. Changing out the music you listen to can help. The #1 Catholic Radio App in the world, iCatholic Radio, offers this separate app dedicated to streaming contemporary music by top Catholic artists on weekdays and Saturdays. Sunday mornings switch to several hours of sacred Gregorian chant, offering perfect background music as you prepare for Mass. With this app you not only get spiritually-enriching Catholic music 24/7 (no matter where you are in the world, and no matter what time you’re listening), but you get valuable on-demand features:

  • audio Rosary
  • audio Chaplet of Divine Mercy
  • Podcasts — talks by noted Catholic authors and priests on a variety of topics.
  • the ability to record a testimonial on how Catholic music has impacted your life
  • quick links to iCM’s social media posts

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greatCatholicmusicGreat Catholic Music (Free) Apple     Living Bread Radio offers a stand-alone app to fill the need for those just looking for well, great Catholic music. Their selection includes hymns that you’d hear in church as well as Catholic contemporary music. This is a basic click and play app. They don’t offer any other resources–just their commercial-free music.




Living Bread Radio (Free) Apple | Android locally-produced and national programming from northeast Ohio.


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sirusxmLOGO    The Catholic Channel of Sirius XM (Channel 129)

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