Apps Católicas españoles

Looking for Spanish Catholic apps? We’ve got them! Buscando aplicaciones católicos españoles? Los tenets! Many of the Catholic apps in our catalog that are available in Spanish are listed below (along with a few extra gems that we found). But please browse through our app catalog to see if the apps you are interested in come in Spanish. We welcome your recommendations which you may add to our list in the Recommendation/Comments section below. Be sure to read instructions in the apps you download as most default to English. Usually, you will need to locate the language settings to switch to Spanish.

Muchas de las apps que listamos en nuestro catálogo que están disponibles en español son los siguientes (junto con algunas joyas adicionales que encontramos). Damos la bienvenida a sus recomendaciones que usted puede añadir a nuestra lista en la sección de comentarios a continuación. Asegúrese de leer las instrucciones en las aplicaciones que se descargan como la mayoría defecto Inglés. Por lo general, usted tendrá que localizar la configuración de idioma para cambiar a español. Para cambiar el idioma de una aplicación, descargue la aplicación y luego elija la opción Spanish (ES).

Essential Catholic Apps las Aplicaciones Católicas Esenciales

CatholicOne-LaudateLaudate  (Free) Apple and AndroidKindle Fire–Laudete touts itself as the #1 free Catholic app. That’s probably because it is the most fully loaded app at this price point. It is hands-down the best value in a Catholic app and certainly worthy of residing on your mobile device given all its many useful Catholic resources. Available in English, Español, Português, Italiano, Bahasa and Polski, Slovenian. You get:

  • Daily Mass Readings and Order of Mass
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church- (as well as the Compendium) as a web view display of the Catechism published on the Vatican web site. Internet connection required.
  •  Liturgy of the Hours- includes text for all the hours for the day.
  • New American Bible; NAB Bible when connected to internet only. It also offers Douay-Rheims Bible which is local so you don’t need to be connected to the internet. This makes for a large file, so they recommend moving the app to your phone’s SD card
  • Complete library of all the modern era’s Church Documents including all the documents of Vatican II
  • Pinch/Zoom capability
  • Link to Pope App
  • Rosary with a Podcast for Rosary and Stations of the Cross and Latin Rosary
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen)
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Confession (Sacrament of Reconciliation) preparation with examination of conscience
  • Various prayers and prayers in Latin with English translation
  • A Prayer for Religious Freedom
  • Daily Meditations.
  • Podcasts of Daily Readings and meditations
  • Launcher for iCatholicRadio
  • Ability to bookmark prayers and create own categorized prayers. Export/Import for prayers.

ipieta appiPieta Español (.99 cents) iOS (including iPhone 5 and higher) An essential Spanish Catholic app because it is jam-packed with spiritual, liturgical and educational resources. This app is created entirely in Spanish with texts appropriate for Spanish liturgical and devotional use. You get

  • La Biblia de Jerusalen and La Vulgata Latina;
  • dozens of prayers and devotions and novenas;
  • Daily Mass readings (excluding psalms)
  • spiritual works from authors including St. Louis Marie de Montfort, S. Teresa de Jesus, S. Juan de la Cruz, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Thomas Aquinas (Summa and Catena), St. Francis deSales, S. Teresa del Nino Jesus,  and St. Jean-Marie Vianney;
  • Examination of Conscience for preparation for Sacrament of Reconcilliation (Confession)
  • Both Ordinary and Extraordinary Liturgical Calendars with access to the day’s Gospel readings from the Nacar-Colunga and Vulgate Bibles
  • Various catechisms

You can Boolean search the Bible and spiritual works. Resize text and customize background colors. Bookmark elements. This app does NOT require internet connection.

 Missals los Misales

Misal de México y Latinoamérica – Missal in Spanish for Mexico to Central America (Free) iOS
Misal de España – Missal in Spanish for Spain (Free) iOS
Misal de Chile, Argentina, Uruguay y Paraguay – Missal in Spanish for Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina (Free) iOS

Apps below which contain the Roman Missal in Spanish use the approved texts for Spain. App developers are waiting approval from the USCCB on the US Spanish lectionary.

iBreviary Terra Sancta  (Free) – for iOS and Android and Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD. Don’t let the name fool you. It is NOT JUST A BREVIARY…IT’S THE COMPLETE ROMAN MISSAL (English 3rd ed.) and more. This app is available in English, Italian, French, Latin, Arabic and Spanish (for Spain–NOT the approved Missal texts for Mexico or US, the developer reports.) Packaged with iBreviary, you also get:

  • Liturgy of the Hours (Roman and Ambrosian Rite)
  • Roman and Ambrosian Missal
  • Mass readings (full lectionary) for the current day  [but cumbersome to navigate to from the Missal]
  • Missal and Breviary for the celebrations of the Saints. (also the commons)
  • Main prayers of the Catholic tradition
  • About Saints Day (short bio and picture)
  • Load up to 10 days to use off-line
  • Ordinary of the Mass and rituals according to the Vetus Ordo of 1962.

You need internet/phone connection to operate this app. However, you can download a week of liturgies stored in a separate cache in case you are going to be in an area with no internet access (like your sanctuary!) Make sure all the particular texts you need are there before beginning Mass. This app is not biased toward the United States calendar, for example.  See USA Today report and this report on this spectacular app.   Vatican endorsed.

missale RomanumMissale Romanum Apple ($10.99) Android ($13.57) Looking for the complete Roman Missal in Latin and/or Spanish? Here it is. The easy navigation allows priests to set their pages in preparation for Mass. Here’s how: tabs replace ribbons and the tabs remember the last page accessed. Preset buttons allow you to set certain pages to access like readings, so you can navigate to them rapidly. Contains complete liturgical calendar, but sensitivity to your particular location/country may not be accurate. LANGUAGES: Currently the only languages available are Latin and Spanish which you can view as a single language or in split screen with two languages simultaneously. Partial versions are available in these languages: Latin-English, Spanish-English, Latin-Italian, Spanish-Italian. It is anticipate these languages will be available in full versions over time. Check out this video to see how the app works.

magnificatMagnificat (first month Free; in-app subscription purchase $1.99 for each subsequent month) Apple | Android

¡Disfruta del Magnificat en tu iPhone!

Para vivir la oración a lo largo del dia, Magnificat en tu iPhone propone cada día: la oración de la mañana, el texto de la misa, el texto de la meditación, un relato de la vida de un santo, la bendición de la mesa, la oración de la tarde y las completas.

Aplicación gratuita para los suscriptores a la revista Magnificat en español.

Para los demas, es gratuito el primer mes de descarga, Se paga cada uno de los meses siguientes o puede suscribir al Magnificat Digital. La suscripción digital a traves de nuestro sitio permite el acceso a todas las versiones digitales, tanto en su iPhone, como en Android o en la web.

En su propósito de acompañarle cuando, como y donde quiera, Magnificat os propone esa aplicación para que su vida respirara con el oxigeno renovado del Evangelio y la Liturgia.

Elige tu edición: 

Edición para las Américas, con los textos oficiales del Misal Romano para los Estados Unidos y del leccionario de México para la liturgia.

Edición espanola, con los textos litúrgicos de la Conferencia Episcopal Española.

Mas información bajo este enlace

Rosaries los Rosarios

Spanish-Holy Rosary

Screenshot from Spanish Holy Rosary app

Screenshot from Holy Rosary -Spanish Edition app

Holy Rosary–Spanish Edition (Free) Android  This is a native Spanish app, so you don’t change the language settings. You’ll also like the fact that when you launch the app, the appropriate mystery automatically loads for the particular day. You do have the option to manually choose which mysteries you would like to pray along with. A Spanish audio version of the Rosary is also available within this app for hands-free use.

RosaryProRosary Pro (Free) iOS Available in Spanish, English, Italian, Catalan and Portuguese.

Rosary Pro allows you to pray the rosary in different ways–reading, scrolling through beads or listening. Looking for a rosary that will chime or vibrate in your hand as you advance through the prayers? This one has a rich tactile/audio option so you can pray without looking at your screen (it vibrates when you are in silent mode on an iPhone).  To make it really custom, it offers you the ability to record the prayers yourself for playback during the automatic audio rosary. Some of  the languages offered come with pre-recorded audio. English does not. So, you can make up your own (or use your children or others to record themselves praying). Its scrolling through beads option is a little odd. Don’t look for virtual beads that advance in some way. This is a text-based visual presentation that counts your swipes on the screen as you advance through the rosary. It is not meant to be a virtual rosary bead experience as other apps offer. Enjoy an assortment of configuration options to choose from including setting a reminder alert to pray at a particular time and the option to include various prayers and other traditional elements people add to their Rosary. Also, you can send a tweet or post to your Facebook account a message when you are going to pray the Rosary.

Rezando el Santo RosarioRecemos el Santo Rosario con la Hermana Maria Ruth Reyes-($1.99) iOS— Un rosario listo para ser escuchado, que con gran inteligencia intuitiva ha sido preparado por las Hijas de San Pablo y que ofrece arte, vitrales, íconos, música y fotos para meditación.

De las Hijas de San Pablo:

LA HERMANA MARIA RUTH REYES, Hija de San Pablo y de nacionalidad colombiana, es la voz de “Radio Paulinas”, programa en español que es transmitido por 100 radiodifusoras en 17 países. Su programa, “Jesús en mi Vida Diaria” puede ser escuchado en la red electrónica (

Con la Hermana Maria Ruth Reyes les invitamos a implorar a María, mediante el rezo del Rosario, que nos enseñe a contemplar la belleza del adorable rostro de Cristo y sobre todo a experimentar la ternura y profundidad de su amor. Y mientras meditamos con el Santo Rosario, coloquemos en los corazones misericordiosos de Cristo y de su Santísima Madre, nuestros sufrimientos, dolores y esperanzas para que María, Reina de la Paz, madre del Príncipe de la Paz, nos ayude a ser constructores de paz y a difundirla mediante el testimonio de nuestra vida diaria en el mundo de hoy. “La paz verdadera es un don especial del Resucitado” (Jn. 14:27).

Si necesitas una gracia especial para tí o para un ser querido, te darás cuenta de que este ‘app’ fue hecho exclusivamente para ti. Se diferencia de otros Rosarios ‘app’ por la reverencia con que las Hermanas lo rezan, por la inspiración que produce en quienes lo escuchan; y por la selección de imágenes, música y meditaciones bíblicas para reflexión.

Apliaciones que incluye:

• audio de la Hermana Maria Ruth y de las Hermanas que en conjunto rezan el Rosario: puedes elegir entre escuchar el Rosario o unirte al grupo en oración
• nunca volverás a rezar el Rosario sin compañía. Experimenta el consuelo de rezar con otras personas
• introducción bíblica para cada misterio con respectiva reflexión para meditar .
• 18 juegos de imágenes a escoger para una meditación visual mientras se ora: fotos vibrantes, vitrales, íconos y arte religiosa
• la opción de contemplar imágenes relacionadas con los misterios u otras de especial significado
• una manera única de hacer que el Rosario penetre en el alma a través de los lentes de la vida diaria, y orando por las necesidades que alberga el corazón
• selecciones de la Sagrada Escritura sobre cada misterio para una más profunda reflexión
• sugerencias sobre intenciones para cada misterio
• diagrama fácil y claro como guía para el rezo del Rosario
• introducción al rezo del Rosario: meditación sobre las vidas de Jesús y de María; oraciones del Rosario.
• mensaje electrónico para enviar a un amigo o a un ser querido indicando que se rezó el Rosario por sus intenciones

Este es el más completo ‘app’ disponible para el rezo del Rosario. El Rosario es una oración basada en el Evangelio que nos ayuda a orar con María para acercarnos cada vez más a su Hijo Jesús. A través del Rosario nos internamos en las vidas de Jesús y María, quienes enfrentaron en su tiempo en la tierra las mismas situaciones que nosotros vivimos: cambios de vida, nacimientos inesperados, pérdida del camino, búsqueda y encuentro de la misión en la vida, fracasos, nuevas oportunidades, conversión, muerte y resurrección. El Rosario nos mantiene conectados con nuestra propia vida, invitándonos simultáneamente a considerar todo acontecimiento bajo la perspectiva de un Dios de amor.

Reza el Rosario — los Misterios Gozosos o los Luminosos, los Dolorosos o los Gloriosos – o simplemente escúchalo por breves minutos para recobrar la paz perdida— Medita sobre la Sagrada Escritura o selecciona imágenes sagradas que mejor acompañen tus oraciones para concentrarte en los acontecimientos y en las necesidades más importantes que en el momento llenan tu corazón.

holy-rosaryHoly Rosary Deluxe ($1.99)–iOS – This has a pretty, feminine interface with 5 different modes of counting including your choice of bead versions. Intuitive slide of your finger over the bead image to keep track of your prayers. Divine Mercy Chaplet included. You can switch to right or left-handed bead counting for your thumb. Full text of all prayers included. Audio option for clicking sound and background music. Interface makes it easy to pray with your eyes closed because of the sound and vibration options available for each bead or just the decades. You can customize this by changing the photos for each mystery using photos in your collection. Resumes where you left off when you return. Adjust the font size. English, Spanish, Italian, French and Latin. There is a “Lite” version of this available for $.99. Lacks some customizable features. Includes option to turn off Luminous Mystery.

iRosary ($2.99) iOS. Intuitive use of the traditional rosary. If you are going to purchase one rosary app, this has the most features that address practical needs of praying on a mobile device. It is designed for use right or left-handed so you can hold your device in one hand. Audio clicks and vibration are important because you cannot feel beads, of course, so you need tactile/audio cues to keep focused on your prayer while simultaneously keeping track of your beads if your eyes are closed or if your device is in your pocket.

•Beads which MOVE to the touch
•Create your own PERFECT DESIGN from 243 cross, chain, and bead combinations
•Text can be RESIZED directly with two fingers for easy reading
•Portrait and LANDSCAPE modes
•English, Spanish, French, and Latin prayers
•Correctly recommends the Mystery to pray based on the LITURGICAL YEAR
•PLEASING sound cues and vibration
•Use with EITHER HAND by moving the beads to the left or the right
•Always REMEMBERS your place
•Uses the same set of prayers listed on the VATICAN website
•The same number of beads as a STANDARD Rosary (between bead prayers fold out)
•Push beads back to return to a PREVIOUS prayer
•The LUMINOUS mysteries can be turned on or off
•Includes the CHAPLET of Divine Mercy and Loreto LITANIES
•A DYNAMIC interface which moves, slides, and rotates to your gestures

Rosary-amenRosary Amen ($2.99) iOS-A reader of this blog alerted me to this multi-lingual Rosary app.  I have it for the audio in Latin to help me learn it. I do wish it had audio in Spanish, not just text. Noteworthy highlights:

  • 6 languages (English, French, Italian, Latin, Portuguese and Spanish);
  • Prayers audio in 3 languages (English, Latin and Portuguese);
  • Correcty recommends the Rosary (Mystery) to pray based on the day of the week;
  • vibration feedback at the beginning of each of the five Mysteries (iPhone only), to help you keep track of the Mystery you are praying.

Rosary for Blackberry  ($4.99) Features: – Each mystery has an image that helps to reflection of his events. – There is a scripture for each mystery that helps you to meditate about the Jesus Christ life. – Remember the mystery and the prayers that have been prayed the last time. – You can modify the size and font. – Choose Beads. – Choose Crosses. Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Latin and Italian.

Prayers las Oraciones

Prayer-AppPrayer app  Apple ($2.99) This is a multi-language database of what developers call the ultimate reference to Catholic Prayers for your iPhone or iPad. Keep handy all of the Common Prayers listed in the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and many more in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. Blessings, novenas, Way of the Cross, prayers for various occasions, 150 Psalms, Marian prayers. Location sensitive to your area. Ability to set up a “favorites” list and share prayers on Facebook.

ClickToPray_cropClickToPray (Free)  Apple |  Android Pray with Pope Francis! Did you know that each month the Pope announces his specific prayer intentions?  These prayers are generally aimed at particular challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. Click To Pray app is designed to help people around the world to pray along with Pope Francis in these particular intentions of his. To encourage you stay engaged in daily prayer, the app gives you the ability to send reminders to your smart phone three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening–a different prayer or reflection each time. Brought to you by the Apostleship of Prayer, a Jesuit organization, the Click To Pray app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French enabling people from around the world to unite their prayers with the Pope’s. In addition to the prayer reminders, registered users may post a prayer on the app/website Prayer Wall and share them on social media.

The prayers for each day take a component of the Pope’s general prayer intentions for the month and focus them on a particular element of concern for the day. The prayers are brief and well-written with heart and compassion. When you open the app, you can see how many people around the world have prayed the very prayer you are holding in your hands (on your mobile device). Here’s a screenshot of a prayer for the morning which follows the them of the Pope’s intentions for the particular month.

PassionAp-posterMeditation on the Passion of our Lord is a particular devotion during the season of Lent, but is a wonderful focus any time of year, really. The Passion of Jesus app ($1.99) Apple | Android is designed to help you develop a tender daily devotion to Jesus Christ and his passion by guiding you through the last 24 hours of his life–literally. Based on your time in your time zone, it offers meditations on where Our Lord Jesus was and what he was doing at that time. Its developers note:

“The primary goal of this reflection is to engage believers to ponder and reflect on each aspect of the Passion by allowing time & eternity to intersect, by allowing the power of the cross to pour into our daily lives, no matter where we are or what we are doing….for a few moments, to pause and cast a glance at our Lord and permit this awesome, life-changing reality to bear fruit, to illumine, to set free & to save.”  Internet connection not needed once it is downloaded.

Languages: English, French, Taglog, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, German, Portuguese

Take a look at how the app works.

magnificatMAGNIFICAT (edición española)

Disfrute del Magnificat en la web y en su iPhone/iPad/iPod. Accesso gratuito para los suscriptores en la Web y en el iPhone crear una cuenta. (6 meses $14.99/ 1 año $19.99) De Magnificat: “Para vivir la oración a lo largo del dia, Magnificat en tu iPhone propone cada día: la oración de la mañana, el texto de la misa, el texto de la meditación, un relato de la vida de un santo, la bendición de la mesa, la oración de la tarde y las completas.

Aplicación gratuita para los suscriptores a la revista Magnificat en español.
Para los demas, es gratuito el primer mes de descarga, $1.99 o 1,79€ cada uno de los meses siguientes.
La posibilidad de comprar los meses siguientes o de descargar de una vez los meses se encuentra en el menu del calendario. Una conexión Wi Fi es preferible, puede tardar unos minutos.

En su propósito de acompañarle cuando, como y donde quiera, Magnificat se adapta al cambiante panorama del sector tecnológico con el lanzamiento de esa aplicación para que su vida respirara con el oxigeno renovado del Evangelio y la Liturgia.”
Conferencia Episcopal Española para los textos litúrgicos. Cómo leer el Magnificat en el iPhone


Misericors (Free) AppleAndroid — It is not enough to talk about mercy; we must live it. That is the straightforward aim with this app: getting users to do works of mercy in their daily lives. For this reason, Misericors is one of our featured Year of Mercy apps worthy of your attention. Here’s how it works:

After signing in, we are immediately hit with a listing of Spiritual Works of Mercy and Corporal Works of Mercy. Several examples are revealed under each work. That way we learn what the Church teaches about these types of service of love to others. We are then encouraged to choose an act of mercy and commit to doing it. Conscious of the youthful audience, the app offers a means of social engagement whereby users post specific acts of mercy they performed. This is a wall populated by a world-wide audience and another audience in the user’s language. On this wall, for example, a user may post under clothe the naked...”I sorted my clothes and donated a bunch to the thrift store.” Under comfort the afflicted...”I comforted someone whose dog is dying.” What a creative way to share fresh ideas and encourage one another!

The app keeps track of your deeds so you can see your personal progress in developing a habit of conscientiously looking for opportunities to perform works of mercy.

Considering that the popular 20th century devotion to Divine Mercy is rooted in Poland (with the revelation to St. Faustina), the combination of this Year of Mercy app specially designed to work in conjunction with World Youth Day in Poland is irresistible. Although it is Polish-based, Misericors automatically opened up in English after a United States download. Available in English, Polish, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.

BUTTON-appStore BUTTON-Google play

Catholic Social Teaching La enseñanza social católica

It is not enough to receive mercy. We must also be merciful and develop a merciful heart full of compassion.
socialTeachingCatholic Social Teaching app (Free) iOS Don’t let the low-tech icon fool you into thinking this is a cheesy app. Produced by the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, DC, this app offers rich content for users to explore Catholic social teaching, a central and essential element of our faith. This app neatly segments study of the topic into four parts: commentary, Church documents, authors and cross-reference search. You’ll likely head straight to the commentary segment which is filled with links to published articles on topics relevant to today’s social justice issues. Kudos to the app developers for providing links to the original source of the articles with brief summaries. Further kudos for choosing an impressive list of Catholic authors representing a broad spectrum of thought including popes, bishops, theologians, canon lawyers, scholars, pundits and, of course, a Jesuit or two. But do not expect to find commentary leaning wildly left or right as most articles are gleaned from publications which make no apologies for adhering to the teaching magisterium of the Church. Principle ecclesial documents key to understanding social teaching in light of the Catholic faith are all included from Rerum Novarum (1891) to Evangeli Gaudium (2013). These are primary, indispensable sources articulating our modern faith tradition in this arena. The built-in search cross-references commentaries and Church documents, but the search terms do not typically bear much fruit. Eight languages: English, German, Polish, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese.


CRS-ricebowlCatholic Relief Services Rice Bowl (Free) iOS and Android , iOS Spanish Version. Bring Lent (or any season of the year) to life through daily meditation and sacrifices. This app takes a unique twist on alms giving by putting a price on various items you may give up for Lent or any other reason. With values in dollars, you can donate that amount to CRS through the app or make a pledge. That direct dollar value connection to giving is a real motivator because it puts your little sacrifices into concrete action to help others in the world who are in need. Available in English and Spanish.rice-bowl-crs-logo

  • •Prayerful reflection for each day of Lent which you can schedule to receive
  • Customizable tool to set Lenten sacrifice goal and track progress towards its achievement
  • Meatless recipes for Fridays during Lent
  • Stories and videos of people who benefit from prayers and almsgiving to CRS Rice Bowl

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Catholic Bibles las Biblias Católicas

Biblia-CatholicaBiblia Católica (Free) Android

Misma traducción a la utilizada en la página web del Vaticano!
Autorizada por la Fundación Palabra de Vida.

Contiene los 73 libros de la Santa Biblia Católica, Ester Suplementos Griegos,Daniel Suplementos Griegos y Carta de Jeremías.

Te permite un busqueda rapida por capítulo,
asi como compartir el verso elegido en otras applicaciones.

Puedes publicar los versos en facebook.

Acceso al Evangelio del Día

CatholicOneBibleCatholic Bible by Just 1 Word ($1.99) Apple only. This app comes pre-loaded with the New American Bible Revised Edition – NABRE. This is the Bible (in English) which is approved for use in the United States and is the one used for the English Roman Catholic Mass readings. After you download this app, you can select an approved Spanish Catholic Bible, Dios Habla Hoy, as an additional purchase $6.99.

xbibleApp-YouVersionBible App (Free) iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Kindle Fire, Symbian, Java, HP/Palm. Developers say this is the #1 Bible app in the world. You get to choose from hundreds of bibles in more than 150 languages including Spanish with interface in 30 languages. Some of the Bibles are approved Catholic versions like NAB-RE and Douay Rheims. A drawback is you must be connected to the internet to use most content in this app, but some Bibles are imbedded in the app so you can read them off line. That leads to another drawback; none of the imbedded bibles in English are Catholic editions. Audio Bibles are available but not downloadable. These include the Catholic Douay Rheims. Study tools include reading plans, search capability, note taking, highlighting and bookmarking capability. Text can be sized for easier reading. Your bookmarks, highlights and notes are saved on which you must log into to use. But this gives you cross-platform use wherever you go with whatever relevant device you use to access the Bible you are in the midst of reading.

BibliaCatolicaBible Catolica (Free with in-app purchase) Apple | Android

Hands-down the BEST Spanish Catholic Bible app that has the Gospels offered in AUDIO. This is one of the most recognized versions of the Bible in Castilian (Straubinger). Imagine having the Gospels read to you! You get the Gospel of John FREE. The remaining three Gospels are only $4.99. And these Sacred texts are read by talented actors, not a computer. In addition, you get the text to the entire Bible (Old and New Testament). What you can do with this text is pretty amazing – highlight, bookmark, adjust font size, adjust highlight colors, change fonts, make notes, use Bible reading plans and much, much more! Download audio so you don’t need to be connected to the internet to enjoy having the New Testament read to you.

canonization-jp2-appJohn Paul II: the Official App of Canonization (Free) Apple and Android.

October 22 is St. John Paul II’s feast day (optional memorial). He was canonized in April 2014 along with St. John XXIII. Here is a useful free apps that can help you get to know this great pope of our age who impacted the Church and world history.

While this app was designed for use by participants in Rome at the canonization in April 2014, it was also designed in part for we folks staying home. You don’t need the schedule of events or travel help, but what is still valuable are a few other salient features concerning St. John Paul II packed into this little app: archived videos, his encyclicals, explanation of why he was declared “saint,” his official prayer and his biography. You will find language options in the “settings” tab on the home screen for Italian, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese. Note that Polish is not among the language options, a serious omission by CTV and Osservatore Romano, Vatican news outlets that had the app produced.

Radio/Podcast Católica

spanishCatholicRadioRadio Católica (Free) Apple Quality Catholic programing in Spanish. This is a native Spanish app which also includes an option to set an “alarm” to remind you when your favorite programs are being aired.

PodcastingEWTN Podcasts en Español. Ya estuvo en nuestra sección de podcasts? Visítela y encontrará programas de EWTN Radio y Televisión! Ahora puede escuchar:“Nuestra Fe en vivo”“Conozca primero su Fe Católica” “Oración y Vida”.  Suscríbase o cárguelos manualmente!


ewtn-appEWTN Radio or TV Live or Video on Demand (free) on Apple or Android or Kindle Fire :

Download the EWTN app FREE and carry largest the religious media network in the world with you wherever you go. EWTN transmits programming 24 hours a day from its home base in the United States. You can enjoy EWTN Live Streams (TV & Radio), many of the popular TV and Radio shows On Demand, prayers and devotionals, and keep up on the latest Catholic news.
Popular TV & Radio shows you can enjoy:

  • EWTN Live (Video On Demand)
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Tiempos de misa Católica

masstimesCatholic Mass Times (Free) Apple For the world traveler, (including the United States), you’ll need this app which touts itself as “the #1 most popular app in the world to locate Catholic churches and Mass times.” It currently supports geo-location searches in many countries throughout the world. What’s cool about this app is its ability to find churches for you based on the time you want to go to Mass. Based on your location, it serves up all the Catholic churches in its database. Click a little church icon and all its information pops up including Mass times, address, email address, parish web site link. You’ll even get a link for directions with options to choose Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps. Supports nine languages: English, Belarusian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

Mas Apps Católicas españoles aqui !


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