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Inside the chapel in the Carmelite monastery of Lisieux France where St. Therese of Lisieux lived her vocation of love.

Inside the chapel in the Carmelite monastery of Lisieux France where St. Therese of Lisieux lived her vocation of love.

 Various Catholic Prayers and Devotions

3D-Catholic3D Catholic (Free) iOS and Android Developed by University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Church Life 3D Catholic app is designed to promote three traditional Catholic practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving (works of mercy). But the developers hope users go beyond a one-shot attempt, so they programed in unique features designed to help the user develop a daily habit of engaging these practices cultivating a life-long practice. This is achieved by joining a community connected through this app and by setting daily reminders for prayer, fasting and almsgiving (including works of mercy).

From Developers: “Join other Catholics in your area praying the Angelus every day at noon, abstaining from meat on Fridays throughout the year and performing least one corporal work of mercy weekly. View the real-time map to see where others are practicing the 3 devotions. Upload prayers to the prayer intention stream and take other users’ petitions into prayer while you are engaged in the practices of the 3D Catholic community.” Check out this detailed look at the movement behind this app.

We like the fact that it is a simple, yet serious attempt to help users cultivate a life-long habit of prayer, fasting and engaging in works of mercy. Just as with quality health/exercise apps, this app is integral to the process of engaging in fundamental spiritual exercises which can radically transform us in our spiritual journey.
– Set daily reminders for Praying the Angelus at noon and Fasting on Fridays
– Find opportunities in your area to volunteer; add reminders to your personal calendar
– Prayer Intention stream generated from the app community
– Anonymously share prayers with people around you
– Track your progress on Prayer, Fasting, and Works of Mercy

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B4T-Bread4TodayBread 4 Today (Free) Apple and Android

Produced by the Redemptorist Congregation, this is a daily meditation aid providing prayers for reflection and meditation.  Prayer archive allows users to search past entries by category so that they can reflect on prayers that match their concerns, for example: Courage, A just world, Relationships, Hope, Hard Times, Faith, Forgiveness and special intensions (calendar days of prayer and reflection). All prayers can be shared via social media with a tap of the screen as it has integrated social media capabilities.

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CatholicShortPrayers-liteCatholic Short Prayers-Lite (Free) Apple

As its name implies, this is an app loaded with a long list of famous, traditional Catholic prayers for various occasions, topics and needs. You can get most of these prayers imbedded in other apps. What makes this app different is the daily reminder feature for each prayer to help you remember to pray and to pray with some consistency. You can even use a location-based alarm feature to remind you to pray when you reach a particular location like your home. This app gives you the ability to bookmark prayers and share your favorite short prayers through Twitter, Facebook and email.


  iPieta.($2.99) Full version in AppleAndroid version is split up into several lite apps.

This major app is loaded! An entire library of Catholic prayers and devotions is packed into this app. For example: Numerous devotions including a version of the Little Office of Our Lady, the 33-Day Total Consecration Preparation, Novenas to the Holy Spirit and to the Divine Mercy, St. Alphonsus Stations of the Cross, and the St. Bridget 1-Year and 12-Year Prayers. You also get:

  • The Douay-Rheims and Latin Vulgate Bibles
  • Catechism of the Catholic Church added to iPieta as a web view display of the Catechism published on the Vatican web site. Internet connection required. There is NO app available for the Catechism of the Catholic Church due to copyright/translation issues. This is the only way you can view it using an app.  [Kindle version via Amazon $9.95] Other catechisms available on this app are Baltimore Catechisms #1, #2, & #3; Catechism of Christian Doctrine, the Roman Catechism
  • Catechism of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Calendar for Ordinary Roman Calendar and Extraordinary Roman Calendar (1962).
  • Library of spiritual writings by St. Louis Marie de Montfort, St. Teresa of Jesus, St. John of the Cross, St. Catherine of Siena, the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Imitation of Christ, Introduction to Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales, selections by St. Jean-Marie Vianney, and the Treatise on Purgatory by St. Catherine of Genoa. The Summa (apart from the Supplement) is also in Latin.
  • Papal Encyclicals
  • Ecumenical Council Documents
  • Scriptural passages for meditating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary
  • Examination of Conscience
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints –complete with an optional audio version (English) you can download separately for each saint or holy day.

PassionAp-posterMeditation on the Passion of our Lord is a particular devotion during the season of Lent, but is a wonderful focus any time of year, really. The Passion of Jesus app ($1.99) Apple  and Android is designed to help you develop a tender daily devotion to Jesus Christ and his passion by taking you through the last 24 hours of his life–literally. Based on your time in your time zone, it offers meditations on where Our Lord Jesus was and what he was doing at that time.  You can also collapse the time to 8-hour and one-hour time spans. Other prayers and devotions are included like Stations of the Cross. Its developers note:

“The primary goal of this reflection is to engage believers to ponder and reflect on each aspect of the Passion by allowing time & eternity to intersect, by allowing the power of the cross to pour into our daily lives, no matter where we are or what we are doing….for a few moments, to pause and cast a glance at our Lord and permit this awesome, life-changing reality to bear fruit, to illumine, to set free & to save.”

Languages: English, French, Taglog, Spanish, Hindi, Italian, German, Portuguese

Take a look at how the app works.

DivineMercyDivine Mercy app (Free) also contains a beautiful Way of the Cross.  Android or Apple.

The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, who have promoted the authentic message of Divine Mercy since 1941, offer the OFFICIAL Divine Mercy App. This app covers the entire mystery of Divine Mercy–Origin of the devotion, detailed information on messages surrounding the devotion and much more. Easy to navigate in a beautiful display format, you get:

  • Interactive Chaplet of Divine Mercy with an audio option
  • Detailed explanation of the three ways to observe the Hour of Great Mercy
  • Stations of the Cross, complete with images and the text of St. Faustina’s Way of the Cross
  • Images of Divine Mercy
  • Explanation of the Feast of Divine Mercy, also known as Divine Mercy Sunday, complete with answers to frequently asked questions
  • Novena to Divine Mercy and other popular Divine Mercy prayers…and more!

Laudate  (Free) Apple and AndroidKindle Fire

This probably is the #1 free Catholic app because it is the most comprehensive and at the best price! You get Daily Mass Readings, New American Bible, Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen), Stations of the Cross, various prayers and prayers in Latin with English translation. Podcast for Rosary and Stations. Daily Meditations. Podcasts of Daily Readings and meditations. Launcher for iCatholicRadio. Ability to bookmark prayers and create own categorized prayers. Export/Import for prayers. My Prayers lets you store your own prayers. About the rosary on this app…it is unique in that it is a giant photo of a rosary with animated hot spots that indicate which one you are to touch to pray. It visibly keeps track of the beads for you as you pan the screen to cover the rosary that is pictured in its entirety. Consider it a 2-D version of the rosary. Available in English, Español, Português, Italiano, Bahasa and Polski.

NeedPrayerNeed Prayer (Free) Android only.

Need a priest to pray for you? A Catholic priest has an app for that and welcomes you to contact him via this format. From developer: This app is primarily for people who need prayer. You can submit your prayer intentions to Father Rosado, a Catholic priest who will pray for you. Please do not mention anything illegal in your prayer intention. With this app you can also follow Father Rosado on social media and call him.

ClickToPrayClickToPray (Free)  Apple |  Android

Pray with Pope Francis! Did you know that each month the Pope announces his specific prayer intentions?  These prayers are generally aimed at particular challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. Click To Pray app is designed to help people around the world to pray along with Pope Francis in these particular intentions of his. To encourage you stay engaged in daily prayer, the app gives you the ability to send reminders to your smart phone three times a day, morning, afternoon and evening–a different prayer or reflection each time. Brought to you by the Apostleship of Prayer, a Jesuit organization, the Click To Pray app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French enabling people from around the world to unite their prayers with the Pope’s. In addition to the prayer reminders, registered users may post a prayer on the app/website Prayer Wall and share them on social media.

The prayers for each day take a component of the Pope’s general prayer intentions for the month and focus them on a particular element of concern for the day. The prayers are brief and well-written with heart and compassion. When you open the app, you can see how many people around the world have prayed the very prayer you are holding in your hands (on your mobile device). Here’s a screenshot of a prayer for the morning which follows the them of the Pope’s intentions for the particular month.


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prayer-listPrayer List  Apple -($1.99) tracks your prayer requests. Password protected–an important element! At first this did not strike me as very useful. It is not a fancy application, by any means. But it’s usefulness has grown on me. You list by group and by  individuals under a particular group. In this you can add your own photos (I like looking at people for whom I’m praying). So, I started jotting down circumstances and people for whom I promised to pray. It turns out, I had completely forgotten some folks. This serves as a healthy reminder. When I’m traveling, waiting in line, you know those unoccupied moments–I can open this app and focus on one or two intentions. [released March 28, 2009]

  iMissal ($4.99) in Apple , Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Kindle  Contains a wide variety of Catholic prayers and devotions like the Rosary. With this app you also get an excellent  daily missal (English 3rd ed.), a Catholic news feed (requires internet to access), daily Scripture verses, audio of the readings for Mass each day and an interactive Catholic liturgical calendar you can access at any time. Most elements are accessible off line.

Prayer-AppPrayer app-($2.99)  Apple –Easy-to-use, multi-language Catholic/Christian Prayers database. More than 2,000 Catholic prayers–the ultimate reference to Catholic Prayers for your iPhone and iPod Touch! Keep handy all of the Common Prayers listed in the Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church and many more sources. Among available prayers you get:  Blessings, novenas, Way of the Cross, prayers for various occasions, 150 Psalms, Marian prayers. The other added benefit to this app is the seven language options: English (UK and America), Latin, Italian, German, French, Portuguese and Spanish. This is a highly desirable feature if you wish to pray with others who speak a different language; if you are traveling; if you wish to learn various prayers in different languages. Of course, the language option opens up this app to a huge audience.  Location sensitive to your area (interesting). Ability to set up a “favorites” list.

novena_app_iconNovena ($.99) Apple A Novena (Latin: Novem, meaning Nine) is a pious devotion of public or private prayers repeated for nine consecutive days calling on Our Lord and his saints for help with various earthly struggles. This app lists no less than 100 different dilemmas and concerns divided into four categories: health, occupation, situations and states of life. The app helps you locate the particular saint the Church has chosen for intercession in your concern along with his/her inspiring story–pious, vintage holy card artwork supplied for each saint. Don’t look for elaborate novenas that serve up a different prayer/reflection for each day with this app. You get a single simple prayer that you offer each day with your intention inserted. Search feature included. We would love to see future updates with new saints like St. Therese of Lisieux’s parents -Louis & Zelie Martin (October 18, 2015 canonization). Developers report that Android format and Spanish language option are in the works.

I don’t think 

Often, we think of saints as having been very different from us. However, their lives and ours bear striking similarities. They suffered loss, disappointment, rejection, disease, heartache, or addiction just like us, the not-yet-so-saintly. Where they differed is perseverance. You and I are still in the thick of it. For the saints, obstacles were no less real, but they did not discourage their faith in a God who loved them, and through that love transformed ordinary human beings into exemplary models.

Meditation Apps

meditationCatholic Meditation Apps (Free) Apple and Android. Pauline Press offers four different meditation apps by Georgiana Lotfy which, according to developers, “re-imagine hope for people living in today’s complex and stressful world. Most of us would love to find ten minutes of peace a day to feel calm and meditate and reflect on what we want to be and do, on what God might desire for us. We wish we could find a way to unwind so we’d live with less tension and more joy, able to meet the troubling situations of our life with more grace. But where do we begin? If we can’t calm down, how can we reflect? If we’ve never been taught how to meditate, how can we pray more deeply? If it’s too difficult to be still in our chaotic schedules, how can we hear God speaking?…Lotfy’s guided meditations make it easy to begin and help you find the inner joy that will give you new hope.” Choose from Desert Healing Meditation, Abundance in 21 Days, Ocean Healing Meditation, Room to Breathe.

3-min-retreat3-Minute Retreat ($.99) Apple only –Loyola Press’s highly popular 3-Minute Retreat is available for iPhone or SECOND generation iPod Touch. Loyola’s web site has full overview of this app. “Enjoy a daily reflective prayer retreat wherever you are… Each day, a new retreat featuring soothing music, Scripture verses, and reflective thoughts and questions comes your way…meaningful time with God is always just a touch away.” You control the pace of the retreat. English.

Pray as You Go Catholic AppPray as You Go (Free) Apple and Android  Produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives out of Britain, this app invites you to spend about about 11 minutes per day in a systematic method of prayer which you follow in an audio format. A new prayer session is produced for each day of the week and one for weekends with material written by a number of Jesuits and other experts in the spirituality of St Ignatius of Loyola, according to developers. Although the content is different every day, it keeps to the same basic format of gently weaving together music, a passage of scripture and a few questions for personal reflection in a each prayer session. Developers say the framework of prayer allows you to:
* become more aware of God’s presence in your life
*listen to and reflect on God’s word
*grow in your relationship with God

The wide variety of music in this app is a significant feature, as this app review noted. Music is used as a conduit to help with your meditation. You WILL enjoy some pieces so much you will want them for you collection. No problem. Go to Pray as You Go’s web site to purchase/ download any of the music you discover on the app.

PurgatoryAppCatholic Meditations on Purgatory  (Free)  Apple only [iPhone/iTouch/iPad on iOS 7 or later] To encourage you to pray for the holy souls in Purgatory, this app offers daily devotions for a period of one month with notifications (you set the time) to help you to remember. According to developers, content is based on the book, “The Devout Year” by Rev. RF Clarke, SJ., and includes points of Catholic doctrine regarding Purgatory and the dire need to pray for those souls awaiting Heaven. “On many questions respecting Purgatory, vague and even false notions are very common among Catholics. It is the object [of this content] to instruct unto justice as well as to lead to the practice of good works.” [book quote in app’s introduction] You can choose from various meditations offered (like “How to avoid Purgatory”) or go to the daily, randomly selected meditation. Central to the app is Psalm 130, “De Profundis,” a traditional penitential psalm. Each meditation walks you through three points and then the subsequent adoration, reflex action on yourself, petition, resolution, colloquies and conclusion. Appreciated is the option to email, Twitter, Facebook, text message content. You can also copy content to paste. Text zoom available.

WordsWithJesusWords With Jesus (.99 cents) Apple and Android Here’s a neat concept: a Scripture app that only serves up the words of Jesus Christ. That’s right. If you just want to encounter a quote from Our Lord to meditate upon, this is your app. Not only do you get a daily short Scripture passage with the words of Jesus (that can be set with a daily reminder on your device), but you get a nice little reflection to go with it.  You may easily share the passage on Facebook and Twitter through this app. Topics can be filtered by category. A link from the passage takes you to an on-line Bible to read it in its entirety in context. This is a terrific way to weave Scripture into your daily life and delve deeper into the Bible with targeted meditations from the mouth of Our Savior.

magnificatMagnificat (first month Free; in-app subscription purchase $1.99 for each subsequent month) Apple Enjoy the popular daily devotional on your Apple mobile device for half the price of the print booklet subscription. (Developers have promised to produce an Android version for a long time). Just as with the print booklet, you get the daily Mass readings along with antiphons, Collect, Preface, and closing prayer. But Magnificat doesn’t stop there. You also get all their other popular spiritual resources at your fingertips: Scripture reflections, saint of the day, blessings, morning and evening prayer based on Liturgy of the Hours, hymn texts and music, Lectio Divina, liturgical calendar and more. You will be impressed with the spiritual value of much of the content in this classic devotional.  While you will miss the beautiful art that the print version offers, many find this app version easier to read and navigate (especially on a tablet device) than the little 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ booklet. This US English edition also comes in Spanish and French.

Audio Prayer Apps

mp3-prayerCatholic Prayers (Free for sample talks–upgrade to full version for a fee)  Apple and Android. This app is not a collection of audio prayers, although you will have recording of the Rosary and Divine Mercy Chaplet. This app offers instruction about prayer and meditation along with a history of popular devotions like the Rosary. The recordings are all vintage and sound it. Expect to hear scratches and pops as you would listening to an old record on a turntable.

Hare’s a video demo of this unique app.

Pray with the Saints

You’re not alone when you pray.

Mary-AppMary App (Free) Apple The Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception who brought you the Divine Mercy app (above) have produced a full-resource Marian app. Our Blessed Mother is a big topic, so developers broke the subject of Our Lady into three categories: Doctrine (Church/Scriptural teachings about her and reasons for our devotion with FAQs); Devotion (including various prayers – audio rosary included- and feast days etc); and Mary Plus (images, pilgrimage sites, apparitions, etc.). As one reviewer put it, this app is comprised of three great apps rolled into one. Why are apps like this important to have on your device? As the Fathers state on their web site: Mary’s whole task is to lead us closer to Jesus. The more we get to know her and have a fervent devotion to her, the better she can lead us to her Son. For this reason, the Second Vatican Council states, “Everyone should have a genuine devotion to [Mary] and entrust his life to her motherly care.”

365daysmary365 Days With Mary (Free) Apple | Android Our Sunday Visitor brings you a Marian app designed to bring you closer to Jesus through Mary through fostering the habit/practice of daily devotion to her.  This app was developed as part of the 100th anniversary celebration of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917. This app comes to you fully loaded with a variety of Mrian resources–text, video and audio! You get a rosary guide (English and Spanish); Divine Mercy Chaplet guide; daily Marian reflections; Stations of the Cross reflections (audio option); popular Catholic prayers; Works of Mercy listing;  the Pope’s prayer intentions (video included); information on Our Lady and more. You may set up reminders (phone/tablet alerts) to help you remember to pray daily. Take a test drive of this app here.

“We never give more honor to Jesus than when we honor his Mother, and we honor her simply and solely to honor him all the more perfectly. We go to her only as a way leading to the goal we seek — Jesus, her Son.” — St. Louis Marie de Montfort

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Saint of the Day ($2.99) Apple  St. Anthony Messenger’s most popular Web feature since 1997 is now available as an iPhone app. Saint of the Day allows you to carry the wisdom of the saints with you everywhere you go. SPECIAL FEATURES: Audio option included; Saints for every day of the year; Revised and updated to include both new and classic saints; Extensive searchable database (by saint or cause); List of patron saints; Interactive calendar.

Saint-a-day-androidSaint A Day ($1.99) Android Using content from their popular Saint-a-Day books, the Daughters of St. Paul have developed a comprehensive app that offers not only information on a saint for each day of the year but more than 100 prayers for intercession and meditation. You get
•Quick navigation to today’s saint biography along with full liturgical calendar
•A fully searchable, alphabetic listing of saint biographies along with patrons for various causes and concerns
•a short meditation for the day on what you can learn for your daily life from that saint.
•ability to email biographies or novenas

– Prayers to Saints displayed alphabetically or by need category (e.g. addiction, sickness, financial struggles, etc.).
•ability to send a novena prayer to join someone in intercession for a special intention.

•Your Prayer intentions can be e-mailed to a community of sisters, the Daughters of St. Paul, who will join you in prayer for your intention. You may even get a response from one of the sisters!

SaintSaint of the Day for Kids ($1.99) Apple A child-friendly app to help kids learn about saints. Looking for an alternative to mindless games? This is a wonderful substitute because it introduces children to real-life, extraordinary heroes with whom they can foster a devotion. The attractive illustrations can also be printed out into coloring pages! Saints are sorted out by the Roman Rite Catholic calendar or by a random pick or by alphabetical search. Save the ones you most like to the Favorites tab. Neat, clean, classy artwork that neither trivializes nor buffoons the featured saints.

Patron saints Catholic app

Patron Saints (.99 cents) Apple Here’s a handy app brought to you by the folks at Our Sunday Visitor. Search for saints by feast day, what they are patron of, your particular needs or the saint’s country of origin. You can sort male or female. This also has an option to create a “favorites” list so you can access your list of favorite saints with ease. From developers: “…with a body of saints stretching into the thousands, it has not always been easy to know which saint to turn to for what. The Patron Saints app seeks to put all this information right in your hands, providing you with the names and information for over 1,000 saints.

Evotions ($.99)  Apple and Android–eVotions are a series of digital devotions designed for tech savvy Catholics.

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