Essential Catholic apps for your phone or tablet

We've boiled the best Catholic apps down to this essential list.

Beyond “silent” mode: Etiquette for using your cell phone in church

Let’s be blunt. Most fellow pew-sitters will downright question your sense of decency if you pull out your smart phone during Mass and gaze at the screen. Etiquette is clear: ...

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Our list of top Roman Catholic Missal apps!

[UPDATED for 2023] Are printed missals missing from your church pews? Do ...

Top Catholic Bible Apps so the word of God is always with you!

[Updated for 2023] The Word of God is ALWAYS with you when ...

Best Liturgy of the Hours apps for your phone or tablet

[Updated for 2023] No more page flipping, ribbon setting, book hauling or ...

Latest posts on Catholic apps and other digital media

Top Recommended Catholic Lent Apps for 2023!

Explore some of the best Catholic Lent apps we’ve found to help enrich your journey towards Easter and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Click the title to begin the most rewarding Lent of your life.

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It’s that time of year to refresh your Catholic Liturgical Calendar for 2023!

A liturgical calendar can help keep you stay engaged in the life of the Church. With so many seasons, solemnities, feast days, color changes and obligatory days of attending Mass, it can get confusing. It’s that time of year to refresh your liturgical calendar for the new year which officially begins November 27, the first Sunday of Advent. Digital calendars are a convenient resource in the palm of our hands. Let’s take a look at some of the best the digital Catholic world offers!

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Best Advent Apps for 2022

It’s a crazy world out there. This Advent season (Starting November 27), make the commitment to take time to tune out that world… and tune IN to the true JOY of the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. No Santas, no snowmen, no tinsel here. This is about the reason for the season and getting prepared for His coming. Are you ready to take this on? Here are some of the best mobile apps and digital content out there for Advent 2022. Yeah, a couple Advent Calendars are listed too.

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Catholic app world rocked by two amazing Catholic meditation/sleep apps. Move over Calm.

In late 2018, a young man who had been a fallen-away Catholic put together a team to build the Hallow app that addressed a big part of what he had been missing in his spiritual life. As it turns out, he hit upon a key element of spirituality that a lot of other people crave as well–found at the intersection of faith and meditation. What Alex Jones found, besides the #1 Catholic meditation app in the market, changed his life. It will change yours too.

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On your mobile device, watch Pope Francis consecrate Russia/Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The Holy See press office announced March 15 that Pope Francis plans to consecrate Russia and Ukraine to the Immaculate Heart of Mary on March 25 at 5 p.m. (Rome time) in St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City. EWTN will broadcast the ceremony live beginning at 12 noon ET (USA). Watch on your mobile device with […]

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Here they are! Top Recommended Lent Apps for 2022 (most are FREE)

That exhilarating feeling on Easter when you’ve just traveled a rewarding Lent. These apps can help. We only choose intelligent, Gospel-based Catholic apps designed to bring you closer to God. Browse this year’s selection of the best Lent apps out there so you’re prepared. Of course, Confession apps cover that critical component of the Lenten experience, reconciliation. So […]

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Join Carmelites (on their app) for St John of the Cross Novena

Download the app and join the Carmelites! Novena to St. John of the Cross starts December 5. Novenas on the Carmelite Institute’s free app come in audio/video formats and offer automatic notifications so you don’t miss a day. While you have the app, consider it your unique opportunity to engage the lively intellectual and spiritual […]

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Top Advent apps for 2021

Prepare to enter into the true JOY of the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. THIS is the Advent Season. Explore some exceptional Advent apps you can add to your phone or tablet–all designed with one thing in mind: to help you improve your relationship with Jesus. No Santas, No snowmen. No tinsel. […]

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Time to download a 2022 Liturgical Calendar to your phone or tablet

2023 Liturgical Calendar is at this link. Having your own copy of the new year’s Liturgical Calendar adds an important component to engage your Catholic faith. Why is that? In the Catholic Church, our time is marked by the life of Christ, so our calendar intimately reflects that connection. That is why our New Year […]

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iBreviary Liturgy of the Hours/Missal app gets thumbs-up updates

Automatic downloads, gorgeous fonts, brighter background, re-vamped system controls…check it out!

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