Missal apps: the most popular Catholic apps searched

It was the #1 search term on Catholic APPtitude in 2015: “Catholic missal.” And no wonder. Since a missal contains all the prayers, readings and chants along with some directions (rubrics) to help us ...

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Look who recommends Catholic Apptitude as a resource for finding Catholic apps

Catholic Apptitude is proud to have been referenced in Vatican Insider [in La Stampa magazine], the US Bishops’ Conference web site, the Archdiocese of Chicago’s web site as a resource ...

Missal apps offer the Roman Missal (Ordinary and Extraordinary Form) in a variety of user-friendly, east-to-read formats for your digital mobile devices.

Beyond “silent” mode: Etiquette for using your cell phone in church

Let’s be blunt. Most fellow pew-sitters will downright question your sense of decency if you pull out your smart phone during Mass and gaze at the screen. Etiquette is clear: ...

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Year of Mercy apps package

The Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy is here! You will want to ...
A selection of free Catholic apps on my iPhone.

Free Catholic apps: a couple of myths and a caution

Who doesn’t like free apps, especially if they’re Catholic? Here at Catholic Apptitude, ...

#1 source listing top Catholic apps

Want to add Catholic apps to your digital mobile device? Your search is ...

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Reminder: DOCAT digital book offered FREE until end of World Youth Day

Pope Francis is offering the brand new book on the social teachings of the Catholic Church as a free gift (digital download) until the end of World Youth Day (July 31, 2016). After that, it becomes an in-app purchase. The English paperback version of DOCAT for the United States is $16.96. ALERT – You must download the […]

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Be a digital pilgrim-Apps following World Youth Day

Want to follow World Youth Day events in Poland from your mobile device July 25-31? Join in the spiritual journey as a digital pilgrim with three apps we have found in the past to be quite remarkable at providing information, schedules, live and on-demand video and timely news served on your smartphone or tablet. We add a new app to the list at the end […]

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World Youth Day Pilgrim App

UPDATE: The iOS version of this app is not linked at this time on the official web site. But you can get it on iTunes. Happily, it is available in English, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, Russian, German and  Ukrainian. Switching the app to English was a stubborn exercise. Select the language and then re-start […]

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Pope to give World Youth Day pilgrims DoCat app

DOCAT (free) Apple | Android in English, German, Polish. This is a FREE book (DOCAT) contained in the app. After World Youth Day, the book becomes an in-app purchase. To jump-start a global movement to engage young people in the social doctrine of the Church, Pope Francis will share a brand new app for free to attendees at the […]

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Pokémon Go takes players to churches? Plan your response.

We are hearing on social media that some players are entering churches to find virtual Pokémon at the prompting of their Pokémon Go smartphone game. What are you hearing? How shall we respond, church people? Game on. Here’s an idea…Be welcoming. Encourage reverence by asking for MERCY for the object they seek to destroy. You have votive […]

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Pope Emoji offers World Youth Day update

Just in time for World Youth Day in Poland, Pope Emoji [Free Apple | Android] added new stickers! These are whimsical cartoon characters of Pope Francis designed to add a joyful message to your texts or tweets. This updated collection includes pope eating pierogi, St. Faustina, pope embracing St. John Paul II, pope waving Polish flag and […]

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Summer reading on your tablet or phone

Did you know that you are only a few clicks away from reading life-changing spiritual books this summer? Thousands of e-book titles are available to read right off your mobile device, including your cell phone! Many of those titles are free, and you don’t need an expensive e-reader (such as a Kindle device) as your cell phone probably […]

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Finding it difficult to pray? Try 10 prayer tips and a prayer app

“Fix your inward gaze upon Him amidst your occupations.” Leave it to Carmelite nuns (the combat Marines of prayer!) to come up with helpful ways to kick-start prayer in your daily routine. Along with their practical (and creative) tips, you will also want to check out the wide assortment of Prayer Apps for your mobile […]

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Put away your phone. Join life.

Is it really that important? It’s the premise of a recent blog post questioning our obsessive compulsion to check our cell phones –literally 150 times a day! We are engaged in life on the surface, yet — at dinner parties, on outings with friends, in private moments with our loved ones, or even in the midst of a crowd– […]

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Divine Office website shut off to new users June 6

Update to previous posts on this subject… The exquisite text/audio Liturgy of the Hours web site,, will be closed to new users on June 6. Their app, Divine Office, has already been shut down to new users. This is all due to licensing issues. According to the producer of Divine Office: The Divine Office […]

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