Essential Catholic apps for your phone or tablet

We've boiled the best Catholic apps down to this essential list.

Missal apps: the most popular Catholic apps searched

[UPDATED] It was the #1 search term on Catholic APPtitude in 2018: “Catholic missal.” And no wonder. Since a missal contains all the prayers, readings and chants along with some directions (rubrics) to help ...

Beyond “silent” mode: Etiquette for using your cell phone in church

Let’s be blunt. Most fellow pew-sitters will downright question your sense of decency if you pull out your smart phone during Mass and gaze at the screen. Etiquette is clear: ...

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A daily Rosary is just what your Mother ordered- and we’ve got the apps!

The idea of praying a Rosary each day might seem overwhelming. But ...

Top Catholic Bible Apps so the word of God is always with you!

The Word of God is ALWAYS with you when you have a ...

Best Liturgy of the Hours apps for your phone or tablet

No more page flipping, ribbon setting, book hauling or calendar watching for ...

Latest posts on Catholic apps and other digital media

Vatican introduces high-tech rosary

Click to Pray, a prayer initiative started by the Jesuits, has developed a companion eRosary that is actually a wearable digital device that operates through an app on your cell phone (Think: Smart Rosary). While it currently is not available to the U.S. market, we can offer a bit of a background and a sneak […]

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Watch Canonization Mass LIVE or later on your mobile device

Watch on-demand here. Watch livestream coverage at the Vatican of the Canonization Mass of John Cardinal Henry Newman and four other remarkable women 4:15 am Sunday, October 13. Worship aids and biographies of all the new saints here. EWTN Radio or TV App (free) Apple | Android | Kindle Fire  will carry live coverage of the canonization Mass as well as replay […]

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Rosary app designed to help you concentrate

Each virtual bead is a different work of art depicting the mystery you’re praying. Works like a charm!

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Binge Jesus, not Netflix, with The Chosen app!

Imagine a television series similar to This Is Us, only it’s about Jesus as viewed by the people around him. Then imagine being able to binge watch the series as you follow engaging storylines of various characters in situations you never dreamed of. That’s what you get with THE most exciting Christian app to hit […]

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“Set-and-Forget” hands-free Rosary apps for your daily commute

We received this great question from a reader: Can you recommend a Rosary app to complete my Rosary in the car on my commute to work? This article [our Rosary Apps page] has great “hands on swipe” apps but I can’t attend to my phone while in traffic. Is there a set and forget Rosary […]

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FREE trial upgrade for world-class Catholic Bible study app

With the new academic year upon us, biblical scholars (and even the rest of us) are looking for powerful resources to help take that deep dive into the Word of God. Not all Bible study apps are created equally. Skip the rest and download the world’s most advanced resource in the digital Catholic realm!  Verbum  (Free […]

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App lets you listen to hours of (almost) Blessed Fulton Sheen audio recordings

If canonized, he will become the first American-born male to be declared a saint. Venerable Fulton Sheen made it one step closer today with the Vatican announcement of the pope’s approval of a miracle attributed to the beloved 20th century American televangelist. This paves the way for his beatification (which has yet to be scheduled). […]

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Almost-Saint Cardinal Newman has an app!

We will soon have a new saint who already has an app devoted to his sermons! Pope Francis announced that on October 13, 2019 Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman will be canonized. A Roman Catholic cardinal, scholar, and founder of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri in England, Cardinal Newman is best known as one of […]

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Dragging your feet getting to Confession/Holy Communion before the Easter Season runs out? This app can help!

The picture of that sign is from a confessional in my home parish where a lot of Catholics scurry to get to confession this time of year. Here’s why. We’re called to receive Holy Communion at least once a year during the Easter Season, and since we should go to Confession to be in a […]

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Catholic APPtitude is a lay Carmelite apostolate

Our website made news in an unusual corner of Catholic World. Tip of the hat to the Carmel Clarion, a magazine for Secular Discalced Carmelites here in the U.S. Their latest issue mentioned our website cataloging quality Catholic apps as a unique apostolate from yours truly. Secular Carmelites are called to engage in contemplative prayer […]

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