Essential Catholic apps for your phone or tablet

We've boiled the best Catholic apps down to this essential list.

Missal apps: the most popular Catholic apps searched

[UPDATED] It was one of the most popular search terms on Catholic APPtitude in 2019: “Catholic missal.” And no wonder. Since a missal contains all the prayers, readings and chants along with some ...

Beyond “silent” mode: Etiquette for using your cell phone in church

Let’s be blunt. Most fellow pew-sitters will downright question your sense of decency if you pull out your smart phone during Mass and gaze at the screen. Etiquette is clear: ...

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No missals at church? No problem. Download from our top list of Roman Catholic Missal apps!

[UPDATED for 2021] Did you finally get to church only to find ...

Top Catholic Bible Apps so the word of God is always with you!

[Updated 2021] The Word of God is ALWAYS with you when you ...

Best Liturgy of the Hours apps for your phone or tablet

[Updated 2021] No more page flipping, ribbon setting, book hauling or calendar ...

Latest posts on Catholic apps and other digital media

Join the Carmelites in praying Novena to Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Starts July 7! Download the Carmelite Institute of North America’s FREE app and hit the Novena button to begin AUDIO daily prayers. Invite children to join you. Here’s a beautiful children’s video about Our Lady of Mount Carmel produced by a talented young man at my parish:

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No missals or hymnals in your pew? Get an e-Missal with hymns!

As we return to church on Sundays following the pandemic, chances are your missal booklet did not return (a virus transmission touchpoint). Sure, you can use a handy missal app on your mobile device and read along. Read, not sing. If you want the hymns, you have to go to the music license holder. That […]

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Top Lent Apps for 2021

That exhilarating feeling on Easter when you’ve just traveled a rewarding Lent. These apps can help. We only choose intelligent, Gospel-based Catholic apps designed to foster a more loving response to ourself and our neighbor which will ultimately bring us closer to God. Browse this year’s selection of the best Lent apps out there so […]

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Brand new update of iBreviary for Android

Brand new update to iBreviary app’s Android version released today.

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New Carmelite app educates as well as inspires!

Here’s a brand new hidden gem of a Catholic app designed to enlighten your soul and offer a solid education in the spirituality of Carmelite saints. Developing a rich, contemplative prayer life aiding you in spiritual union with God is the essence of Carmelite spirituality. While ancient in origin (the Carmelite Order was established in […]

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Top Advent Apps for 2020

We’ve compiled a list of thoughtful, intelligent apps designed to help you engage your spiritual life and draw closer to Jesus in preparation for the JOY of Christmas. Yes, we list a couple cool Advent calendars too!

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Embrace God in your confinement with ‘Pray as You Stay’ app retreat

Draw closer to God in your self isolation utilizing the stunning audio experience offered by Pray As You Go.

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Divine Office app opens limited time subscription to new U.S. users!

We could use some great news, and we are delighted to let you know about a limited opportunity to get full access to the daily breviary, Divine Office! While it is hands-down the best audio/text Liturgy of the Hours app, it has been shut off to new subscribers for a few years due to licensing/permission […]

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Missal Apps help you participate in Mass prayers and readings at home

We’ve got the best list of Roman Catholic Missal apps out there, and when churches closed, it’s no wonder we saw a significant uptick of traffic on our site for those apps. This is presumably because folks want to follow along with the Mass they’re watching on video or just pray it on their own. […]

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Links to watch Pope’s LIVE blessing 1pm TODAY (March 27) on your mobile device

Today, (March 27) Pope Francis will offer an extraordinary Urbi et Orbi blessing for the city of Rome and the world at 1:00pm Eastern. You can catch this broadcast wherever you are on your mobile device through a variety of outlets listed at links below. This blessing will take place in an empty St. Peter’s […]

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