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CAUTION – Be sure to verify the church’s Mass times. It is the responsibility of the parish to update its information on line where these apps pull their data. Many parishes are woefully negligent in doing this. Trust but verify. Don’t say you were not warned.


Mass Times (Free)-  Apple | Android  From Developer: Traveling? Need to find the nearest church, its Mass schedule, and map/directions? The Catholic Directory App will help you quickly find all this and more — the nearest churches, Mass times, web sites, maps, directions, staff, bulletins, and other important information. And to make it even better, it’s all FREE of charge! This App replaces the highly rated original Mass Times Catholic Church Finder, but is now FREE of charge and includes several upgrades. It’s now even easier to find the nearest church, their Mass schedule, and map/directions when traveling. Powered by See video of how the app works.

MassTimesTravelMass Times for Travel (Free) Apple | Android The developers at say they host and share the most comprehensive database of Catholic churches and worship times in existence. This fuels their website and app which provides worship times, church locations, contact information, website links and maps covering 117,000 churches in 201 countries/territories.

masstimesCatholic Mass Times (Free) Apple For the world traveler, (including the United States), you’ll need this app which touts itself as “the #1 most popular app in the world to locate Catholic churches and Mass times.” It currently supports geo-location searches in many countries throughout the world. What’s cool about this app is its ability to find churches for you based on the time you want to go to Mass. Based on your location, it serves up all the Catholic churches in its database. Click a little church icon and all its information pops up including Mass times, address, email address, parish web site link. You’ll even get a link for directions with options to choose Waze, Apple Maps or Google Maps. Supports nine languages: English, Belarusian, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish

img_2196-1My Parish App (Free) Apple | Android  by Diocesan Publications. is integrated into this app–a generic app not specifically branded to a particular parish. It is only when you select a particular parish in its system that the app opens up to valuable content like Mass Times.  The advantage? My Parish App will search your location for Catholic churches that are in its system which are around you. With so many churches in its system, and depending on the location you’re in, this location finder is tremendously helpful. Download the app, select the hamburger menu on the upper left corner and choose a church in your location or type in the zip code you’re searching (if you’re not in the location yet). The app will serve up a listing of churches. If you don’t find a selection of churches in your location, choose any church (it doesn’t matter which one) and the home page opens up to the many icon/resources for that church. Now select the “Discover Mass” icon and type in the zip code, or city/State to do a search. Mass times are provided by, so think of MyParishApp as providing an app access to Why not just get the MassTimes app? Because this app offers you a lot of other useful resources that are worth having on your phone like an audio rosary to use while you’re driving. Check it out!

Catholic-toursCatholic Tour Apps ($.99) Apple | Your trip to New England and the Washington, DC areas can be greatly enhanced with the discovery of interesting destinations related to your Catholic culture. Wouldn’t it be nice to know  Catholic contributions to historical events and places when you tour these cities? The folks at Pauline Press have developed four apps that cover Boston , Washington, DCNew York and Philadelphia complete with audio tour guides, interactive maps and lists of sights to see.

From Pauline Press: “Catholic Tour Apps is your guide to the hidden places of interest that help you know your history as an American Catholic and claim your Catholic culture. Discover guides to places of historical interest, shrines, museums and memorials, as well as galleries of art. Whether you’re planning your trip in advance or are looking for information on the spot, Catholic Tour Apps put everything at your fingertips so you can save time, relax, enjoy yourself, and make memories for yourself or your family that will last a lifetime.”

Vatican City

PATRUMPATRUM (Free) Apple “Who knows what little tidbit about the Sistine Chapel you will uncover by tapping into the collective knowledge of a global community of art lovers!” This is a captivating line from developers of the app by Patrons for the Arts of the Vatican Museums.  Welcome to an app that gives you an in-depth insider’s look at the Vatican Museums!

From developers: Go behind the scenes into restoration labs, join an exclusive community of in-the-know art enthusiasts, and save some of the worlds most famous art.

PATRUM includes daily news feed uncovering hidden gems and little-known facts. “It’s about exploring the intrigue of Vatican Museums,” as one review put it.

STPATS APP LOGOSt. Patrick’s Cathedral Tour New York City (Free) Apple | Android. This is a self-guided tour of the famous cathedral traditionally known as America’s Parish Church: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

With this app, you can better enjoy the world renowned 150-year-old-gothic edifice which is the Mother Church of the Archdiocese of New York and the seat of its Archbishop located on Fifth Avenue in heart of New York City. This app is as artistically exquisite as the church itself. Users are treated to detailed maps, professionally produced videos, and a host of detailed “exhibits” which include the many side altar shrines, windows, stations of the cross and much more. All is wrapped in St. Pat’s rich history. To add to its value, the app contains three versions of the tour: adult, children and Spanish.


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    The Vilnius Pilgrim app, available for iOS and Android, allows pilgrims and visitors of Vilnius, Lithuania, to discover and explore the many religious sites found in this City of Mercy. From the Vilnius Cathedral and Treasury, to the many places associated with St. Faustina, to the pilgrimage route of St. John Paul II, the Vilnius Pilgrim app gives both first time visitors, as well as well-tenured residents a fresh perspective on the city’s rich religious heritage. The app includes four pilgrimage routes taking you across Vilnius and provides high-resolution photos, text, and audio descriptions in both English and Lithuanian for each site to enhance your pilgrimage experience. The app can use your phone’s GPS function to easily take you to your next location. You can also bookmark your favorites for your future visits to Vilnius!

  2. Tadas Birutis
    September 10, 2017 at 12:33 pm #

    App to follow Holy Mass in Lithuanian please.
    Thank you, Tadas

  3. Jon
    March 1, 2018 at 9:50 am #

    As of 3/1/18, the St. Patrick’s Cathedral App costs $4.99.

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