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Look who recommends Catholic Apptitude as a resource for finding Catholic apps

Catholic Apptitude is proud to have been referenced in Vatican Insider [in La Stampa magazine], the US Bishops’ Conference web site, the Archdiocese of Chicago’s web site as a resource ...

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Pope encourages reading Bible ‘by any means’ including mobile phones and tablets!

At last Sunday’s Angelus (6 April 2014), Pope Francis gave away books of Gospels to thousands in St. Peter’s Square. Among his points about the importance of reading the Gospel: During the ...

I use iMissal app during Mass. It's held up for the photo (taken before Mass, of course) but normally it's in my lap. The screen isn't as bright as this photo shows.

Beyond “silent” mode: Etiquette for using your cell phone in church

  Let’s be blunt. Most fellow pew-sitters will downright question your sense of decency if you pull out your smart phone during Mass and gaze at the screen. Etiquette is ...



#1 source listing top Catholic apps

Catholic Apptitude We’re an online community created to serve the needs of people ...

Arabic version of iBreviary launched to help Christians bypass censorship

iBreviary, one of the world’s leading apps providing the texts for the Liturgy ...

Read great Catholic eBooks on your cell phone: A guide to get you started

“The purpose of our lives as Catholics is to become saints. By ...


new domain extensions

Time to grab dot Name? New domain extensions include .Church

We are all familiar with domain extensions like .com and .org and .net. Did you know that 522 NEW domain extensions are out there or will be launched soon? This is a big deal since these extensions are now (or will be) actual words relevant to the organization’s topic. Soon you’ll see these extensions in […]

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New Christian symbol?

Iraqi Muslims using social media to denounce Christian persecution

Nun (ن) We may have a new Christian symbol in the making. Seriously.   Some of the oldest Christian communities in the world are facing extinction in Iraq and Syria. In Mosul, this ominous Arabic letter (nun) is painted on Christian homes, marking them for takeover. According to reports, it means “Nasrani,” or Nazarene, a word commonly used for Christians, and […]

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Pope Catholic App

Update your PopeApp to 2.0

Pope App (Free) iOS and Android  has been updated with enhanced navigation. Check out the video below. But the navigation still does not include an organized presentation of the pope’s messages by category (speeches, homilies, writings etc.) because everything is presented chronologically. So you still can’t search accordingly or jump to the category you choose to read. For that […]

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Vatican Radio tower in Vatican City

Vatican to revamp clumsy communication outlets (we hope)

It is difficult to be polite in talking about Vatican communications. Consider this: Despite the diminishing number of people around the world who listen to radio, the Vatican’s largest media employer is Vatican Radio.  Meanwhile, digital media outlets need more attention given trends in media consumption–the pope’s popular Twitter account and the PopeApp for mobile devices are good examples. […]

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Catholic citizen journalist not welcome at ‘welcoming’ parish

All are welcome? It depends upon your definition of “all.” Michael Voris, executive producer of, exposed a bit of hypocrisy recently at a New York City church. Okay. So Mr. Voris comes with a little baggage having made a career of exposing shenanigans going on in Catholic World though his digital media enterprise. The guy’s […]

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Zamperini-Catholic apps

Taking the Baptismal promise seriously: a reflection on Louis Zamperini’s promise to God

“Bring me home alive, and I’ll seek you and serve you.” I’m going to go analog on you and reflect on a hand-written post from 97 years ago. Scratched in ink in one of my parish’s old baptismal records book is this name on line 25: Louis Zamperini. There are other names on the list too, but […]

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Best Catholic Apps out there

Catholic News Live: great source today for news/commentary on SCOTUS Hobby Lobby ruling

We are recommending Catholic News Live‘s mobile app ($.99 iOS and Android) for you to keep up with the flurry of news and commentary surrounding today’s important Supreme Court decision (5-4) in the Hobby Lobby case. It is a significant win in support of religious freedom in the United States. Catholic News Live is doing a tremendous job […]

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Audio help for lectors today

Hit Play… Lectors, please take note. Do you find yourself tripping over all the four-syllable Biblical names sprinkled throughout today’s First Reading? Not to worry. There’s an app for that dilemma. iMissal has an audio feature that you can play to help you with pronunciation. A couple run-throughs with this recording prepared me to be […]

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Fr. Walker at his first Mass in 2012. Photo from FSSP web site.

RIP Fr. Walker, to whom God gave joy in youth

This morning, my sister in Arizona called to alert me to the tragic news of the murder of one of the priests at a Catholic church she and her family frequent. His pastor, also involved in the attack last night, survived, but is in critical condition. I had a nice conversation last summer with this murdered priest, Fr. Kenneth […]

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Taking photos in church: Cheapening the moment?

This is the only photo of my sister on the day of her First Holy Communion. I’m the one with the rosary around my neck because, hey, I wanted to wear something religious too. I appreciated my parents’ indulgence in letting me do so for this photo. What they did NOT do is take a […]

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