iBreviary Liturgy of the Hours/Missal app gets thumbs-up updates

iBreviary recently updated its app with new features and a freshened look in the Apple format. This is a preferred app worldwide for digital Liturgy of the Hours (Breviary) and the Missal/Lectionary in seven languages (including Latin).

iBreviary serves much of the universal Church including several religious orders (a couple new ones added) with their Proper components and both forms of the Latin Rite (ordinary and extraordinary) and Ambrosian Rite. So, its update is a big deal, but THIS update is a major overhaul, according to its developer. Now, iBreviary fits with Apple’s developing software (making the app more responsive, easier to update).

Let’s take a look under the hood…

The update includes brighter screen art and improved navigation to go along with its enhanced listing of Catholic prayers.

Home Screen of updated iBreviary app is brighter with repackaged with options and new navigation.

We notice right away that we have an option to now automatically download days with internet connection, eliminating that worry. Full-screen mode is added as well.

Open the Home Screen and you’ll then see options are in a new format such as language and text display choices. The Home Screen of your “book” provides everything you need to set your preferences like automatic scrolling, audio (utilizing Apple’s inelegant voice text reader), page flip or scroll, and new background lighting and text styles.

The Mass Editor has been improved with ability to make its creation more customizable to liturgical circumstances. A Mass can be created in one page to include custom texts for homily and announcements. This eliminates digital page flipping among parts of the missal, readings and local texts.

Management of text you download still includes up to a week of Liturgies with ability to delete, and those liturgies remain in your list. The font choices are classy and the ability to zoom is always an appreciated option.

The Spiritual note taking option still exists, but you’ll need to email those notes to yourself BEFORE you update to the new TS iBreviary as they won’t transfer. Email icon is in the app.

A couple notes: English version is North American. Vetus Ordo (extraordinary form) includes breviary.

iBreviary (Free) Apple, Android, Windows 7, Blackberry (direct download), and on the browser of your mobile phone (Android | Apple)

Web-based device access (for Kindle, Nook and your computer etc.) Kindle Fire and Kindle Fire HD   This is a Breviary AND Missal bundled into one full-service app. You get:

  • Liturgy of the Hours/Missal (Roman —Extraordinary and Ordinary—and Ambrosian Rite)
  • 8 Languages: English, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish, Romanian, Arabic, Portuguese, Latin, Turkish
  • Breviary for the celebrations of the Saints (also the commons)
  • Load up to one week of Hours so you don’t need to have internet access if you think to do this ahead of time.
  • Instruction for praying Liturgy of the Hours
  • a complete Missal (including priest’s sacramentary), –all the rituals and texts for various Catholic celebrations like Sacraments, Eucharistic Adoration, Blessings, etc.
  • Includes the new English translation of prayers from the Roman Missal (3rd edition) This is noticeable in the Breviary in the closing prayer and penitential rite in Compline. It includes an optional closing prayer in the “old” (2nd edition ) English translation which is useful if you are praying with others using print Breviaries.
  • iOS version includes a spiritual diary wherein you can jot down your personal thoughts and share liturgical texts via social media.
  • Previous day’s Compline is an option each day.
  • Automatic download option

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