Missal Apps help you participate in Mass prayers and readings at home

We’ve got the best list of Roman Catholic Missal apps out there, and when churches closed, it’s no wonder we saw a significant uptick of traffic on our site for those apps. This is presumably because folks want to follow along with the Mass they’re watching on video or just pray it on their own. Our compilation (listed below) includes Missals for both the Ordinary Form and the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass. These apps are primarily in English (although some have language options including Spanish and Latin) and primarily follow the lectionary currently in use in the United States. A listing of Spanish lectionaries based on various countries is also listed below.

The Missals are contained in either free-standing apps or are part of the resources offered within other apps. We list both types of apps where you can find a Missal. In addition, we offer both the”lite” Missal versions (which only include the daily readings and Responsorial Psalms) and the full Missal versions (which include the complete texts with sacramentary).

First of all, what is a Missal?

The Missal is the collection of prayers, chants, and instructions (rubrics) used to celebrate Mass. The missalette typically found in the pews is an abbreviated version of the complete Roman Missal and is suitable for those in the congregation to use. The big book used by priests is called a Sacramentary. Combine that with the Lectionary used for the readings, and you have the complete Roman Missal. Read more

Recommended apps for the Ordinary Form of Roman Catholic Mass

iMissal– ($4.99) Apple| ($3.99) Android 

Ordinary  Form of the Roman Catholic Mass–the complete Missal, not just Mass readings and responses (although you have the option to have the app serve up just those basic texts).  Here’s a link explaining all the features of this great app which comes fully loaded.  Just click the day on the little calendar and voilà, the Liturgy of the Word readings are there in proper order AND linked to their iMissal Bible (NABre) integrated directly with iMissal so that you can jump from Mass readings and Bible verses directly into iMissal Bible for full contextual reference (another reason to get this app). Please note that the Bible is a separate purchase ($9.99) and only available on Apple format at this time.

Screenshot 2020-04-03 at 4.52.37 PM

Screenshot from iMass displaying just the readings and responses. This app also offers a full version of the missal as well as versions that are concise, with notes or with rubrics.

The text on iMissal is easy to read because you can bump up the text size with the zoom-in tool or set it to desired size in settings. Text is re-formatted to fit when you zoom. Very helpful so you can read comfortably.  Internet/phone connection is NOT needed to run this app’s basic features like Mass text and Bible, so you can have confidence that you always have the text for the day with you. Updates include Our Daily Bread (verses linked to iMissal’s bible); audio readings (requires internet connection) which can aid lectors with pronunciation, HQ video of Mass from CatholicTV (requires internet connection), and much more.

Because of inconsistencies with the Sacramentary, we do not recommend iMissal’s Roman Missal for priests to use saying Mass here in the United States. For this reason, the U.S. priests who tested Missal apps for us prefer to use the Roman Missal in iBreviary (Ordinary Form in English 3rd edition) when they say Mass using a tablet.

iMissal is available only in English as developers await the USCCB approval for the Spanish lectionary which they report will be forthcoming. You do not need an internet connection to run this app for the basic features like Mass texts. That includes the Bible which also works off line.

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iPieta ($.99) Full version in Apple | Android version is split up into several lite apps.

This major app is loaded with liturgical, catechetical and spiritual resources including a Daily Missal for both Ordinary and Extraordinary form of the Roman Mass.

  • Bibles: The Douay-Rheims and Latin Vulgate Bibles (searchable; highlight text; Bible commentary imbedded). Complete New Testament in audio format.
  • Catechisms: Catechism of the Catholic Church is offered as a web view display of the Catechism published on the Vatican web site. Internet connection required. There are NO apps with the text of the CCC imbedded due to copyright/translation issues. This is the only way you can view it using an app.  [Kindle version via Amazon $9.95] Free on line in English here. Other catechisms available on this app are Baltimore Catechisms #1, #2, & #3; Catechism of Christian Doctrine; the Roman Catechism; Catechism of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Calendar for Ordinary Roman Calendar and Extraordinary Roman Calendar (1962) in English and Latin. Comes with Saint of the Day, Liturgical readings. Audio version of Gospel readings available.
  • Numerous devotions and prayers including a version of the Little Office of Our Lady, the 33-Day Total Consecration Preparation, Novenas to the Holy Spirit and to the Divine Mercy, St. Alphonsus Stations of the Cross, and the St. Bridget 1-Year and 12-Year Prayers. Many prayers are available in audio format if you choose to download them. You can selectively download what you wish.
  • Library of spiritual writings by St. Louis Marie de Montfort, St. Teresa of Jesus, St. John of the Cross, St. Catherine of Siena, the Summa Theologica by St. Thomas Aquinas, the Imitation of Christ, Introduction to Devout Life by St. Francis de Sales, selections by St. Jean-Marie Vianney, and the Treatise on Purgatory by St. Catherine of Genoa. The Summa (apart from the Supplement) is also in Latin.
  • Butler’s Lives of the Saints (with optional audio included)
  • Papal Encyclicals
  • Ecumenical Council Documents
  • Audio – the whole New Testament, Psalms, many many prayers, Butler’s Lives of the Saints
  • Scriptural passages for meditating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary
  • Examination of Conscience in preparation for Sacrament of Reconcilliation (Confession)
  • Finally, EVERYTHING is searchable throughout the app. Type in your search terms and the app will serve up the resource containing it.

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RomanMissalThe Roman Missal English/Latin ($4.89) Android. (Full missal, not just readings and responses). Imagine a Missal app created with input from priests and lay people who celebrate or hear Mass daily and work in collaboration with publishers of the Roman Missal since 1989 in English Speaking countries. The result is a most comprehensive Missal app designed with an interface that requires minimal navigation when celebrating or attending Mass. Internet connection is not needed to operate. You can even have your texts in Latin, if you prefer. According to the developers: “The app contains all the prayers and readings used in Mass for the Liturgical year. The English texts for the Order of Mass and Prefaces are from the 3rd Edition. The Order of Mass and Prefaces can be displayed in English, Latin or Both. The Entrance and Communion Antiphons, the Gospel Acclamations, and responses to the Psalms are in English and Latin. The app can be used offline, unlike the other Missal apps that require an online connection to download the prayers or readings for the day. Additionally, it contains the complete supplement of the Roman Missal for use in the Philippines (i.e. Simbang Gabi masses, Feast of the Sto. Nino, etc.). We are working to add more supplements for the English speaking dioceses and territories all over the world.”

The app has an implementation of the General Roman Calendar that automatically displays the celebration for the day for any day of any year, forever. The app then loads the proper index pages for the respective season. The app has handy buttons that correspond to the ribbon markers in the printed missal.

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UniversalisUniversalis ($13.33) Apple | Android — Roman Calendar, Liturgy of the Hours, Roman Missal (English 3rd Edition), Saint of the Day, and more! For other platforms, you can go to their web site where they suggest setting up the daily email service, or  creating your own e-book of their extensive offerings to read on your device. Of course, you can view everything on line for free; it is set up for mobile viewing. Once you download the App, you get it all forever–equivalent of 5,000 pages! And this one-time subscription covers all your devices. YOU GET… liturgical calendar for every year from 1970 to 2300 and beyond. Feasts and celebrations according to the General Calendar and the local calendars of the UK, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, Ireland, and others. Also features “About Today” pages giving more information about the saint of the day. You get all 7 daily prayers for the Liturgy of the Hours; the Mass readings for yesterday, today and the future and the Roman Missal (updated 3rd edition in English).  The downside? Breviary and Mass readings and psalms are not necessarily the approved translation for your country. The app is strictly text, no audio, and it is expensive in relation to the app market; nevertheless, it’s complete (minus the hymns) and there’s nothing more to download as it comes complete. Does not require internet connection to operate, so this app comes in handy when in a pinch. It is my last-ditch emergency app for the breviary.

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img_2196My Parish App (Free) Apple | Android  by Diocesan Publications.

This app uses a single platform with member parishes tapping in to create a community, so to speak. Our detailed review is here.  It includes among its many resources daily Mass readings. My Parish App has updated that offering to include the Responsorial Psalm for the day. So, it offers for FREE the basic texts you’re looking for when you follow the Mass on television or some other video source. It does not offer the complete missal with opening prayers, Communion antiphons, etc.

You’ll enjoy all the many other resources this terrific app offers designed to keep you engaged in your faith while at home including on-demand video of the day’s Mass from Catholic TV, abundant traditional Catholic prayers, Catholic News, faith formation resources, Brother Francis cartoons for children, audio rosary, audio Bible and much more!

If your parish does not participate in use of this app, that’s ok. You can still access the content by selecting any parish in the listing provided. That will open up the home screen filled with many resources you’ll find valuable, including the daily Mass readings.

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 The New Mass ($2.99) Apple | Android. While designed to help the laity learn responses in the Revised English Translation of the Roman Missal (3rd ed.), it is still ideal for those in the pews as it separates out each segment of the Mass offering the present translation, the revised translation and a little catechesis on the “reasons” for each revised translation. This app is very simple to use. The darkened background assures that you won’t have a bright white screen illuminating in your hand, distracting those in the pews. It is nice to have these revised texts with you when traveling, attending churches other than your home parish. This app is valuable to help the congregation learn its new responses with deeper understanding over time. The Gloria and the Creed are the major changes that take time to commit to memory, so this app helps. There are NO Mass readings and no priest parts in this app as it is NOT a complete missal. It is strictly the common text that the congregation recites from a missal. Here’s a useful review by CatholicTechTalk.

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NewMissalMissal-texting-NewMissalNew Missal (Free) Apple | Android  English version of the Roman Missal (3rd Edition). Imagine an app that offers the Missal in the same format as texting, so following the parts of the Mass is intuitive to you. Screen shot is on the right, but check out more on the linked site so you can get a good idea of how this works. Complete with readings which can be synched ahead of time. German and Spanish versions also available. Offers adjustable text size and reflections on the readings. This app offers strictly the common text that the congregation recites from a missal. No Mass readings are offered. 

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Laudate  (Free) Apple | Android. This probably is the #1 free Catholic app because it offers so much. It is hands-down best value in a Catholic app. Available in English, Español, Português, Italiano, Bahasa and Polski, Slovenian and Latin. You get: Daily Mass Readings (for Ordinary and Extraordinary form of the Roman Missal); Liturgy of the Hours; traditional Roman breviary (1960) available in Latin with a split-screen translation in English; New American Bible; Rosary; Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen); Stations of the Cross; a wide assortment of Church documents; Confession app; link to the Pope App; partial audio Bible (with in-app ability to purchase more audio files);  texts of various prayers and prayers in Latin with English translation; podcast for Rosary and Stations; daily meditations; podcasts of daily readings and meditations; launcher for iCatholicRadio. You also have an ability to bookmark prayers, podcasts and create your own categorized prayers; export/Import for prayers. NAB Bible is available when connected to internet. A Douay-Rheims Bible is local so you don’t need to be connected to the internet. This makes for a large file, so they recommend moving the app to your phone’s SD card. This app also includes LOTS of prayers.

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iBreviary (Free)  Apple |  AndroidWindows 7Blackberry (direct download), and on the browser of your mobile phone.  Web-based device access (for Kindle, Nook and your computer etc.) Kindle Fire | Kindle Fire HD   A portable breviary AND complete Roman Missal all in one app –plus more. It is also a complete daily sacramentally for priests to use. To access daily Mass readings simply open the app, select the “Pray!” button and then select “Missal.” All the readings are there to scroll through in order IF you have internet connection or downloaded the day’s content beforehand. The text font is appropriately churchy on a parchment-like background so your neighbors aren’t distracted by bright white light off your device.

This is an exceptional app which offers:

  • Liturgy of the Hours (Roman and Ambrosian Rite)
  • Missal for use at Mass–Roman and Ambrosian Rites
  • Languages: English (Missal is 3rd edition), Italian, French, Latin (current), Arabic & Spanish (for Spain–NOT the approved Missal texts for Mexico or US, for instance)
  • Mass readings (full lectionary) for the current day
  • Missal and Breviary for the celebrations of the Saints. (also the commons)
  • Main prayers of the Catholic tradition
  • About Saints Day (short bio and picture)
  • Load up to 10 days to use off-line
  • Ordinary of the Mass and rituals according to the Vetus Ordo of 1962.

Note for Priests using the Sacramentary: This is the best app our priests have tested for use as a Sacramentary when saying Mass using a tablet. There is a learning curve for navigating the Sacramentary, but it is fairly easy to master after a few run-throughs or use of the tutorial. A MASS EDITOR has been added which gives priests the ability to create all the texts of the Mass on one page, adding the text of the homily, announcements, readings, etc. so all they have to do is  scroll through all the texts that are in complete order. The Mass text created can use both ferial texts, as well as texts from the Common of Saints, Votive Masses, etc. The problem with this feature is the excessive amount of scrolling needed to get to the specific part of the Mass text needed (because so many optional texts are automatically included in your “created” version). You don’t want to do that while saying Mass. The priests who tested this app find the older version of using the menu along the left side –in landscape view– is much simpler.

Another annoying feature is the fact that the app doesn’t serve up the Proper Preface– necessitating considerable scrolling in that section of the app (needless distraction).


Set up for Mass on the road. Note the iPad is using iBreviary set to begin the Mass for the day. The priest enjoys relatively easy navigation in landscape mode with menu options on the left.

Using an iPad, iBreviary can be used in place of the traditional missal on the altar if you are without your Sacramentary.  Imagine being on the road and saying Mass in a variety of non-church settings [see photo]. But world-wide, the debate on the appropriateness of this use continues. Some priests object to this unless in a pinch. Others have had a great experience with using an iPad in place of a printed missal. New Zeland bishops have forbidden its use by priests in that country.

You need internet/phone connection to operate this app. However, you can download a week of liturgies stored in a separate cache in case you are going to be in an area with no internet access (like your sanctuary!) Make sure all the particular texts you need are there before beginning Mass. This app is not biased toward the United States calendar, for example.

Vatican endorsed

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Catholic-Mega-appCatholic Mega App (Free) Apple | Android Imagine jotting down all the very basic apps and web sites and blogs and podcasts and liturgical books and Catholic apologetics and prayers that you would want on your mobile device. That list might well match the offerings in the appropriately-named Catholic Mega App which bundled all those items and even more into their product. And like Catholic Apptitude, they concentrated on linking only the very best resources out there for you. So, you don’t just get any old Liturgy of the Hours, for instance, you get the popular iBreviary and DivineOffice.org links. That is considerate, indeed. Let’s open up this free gift and see what’s inside: Order of Mass, daily readings, Breviary, reading reflections, interactive Rosary, Stations of the Cross, the Confession App [the same developer],  NABRE Catholic Bible, links to popular Catholic blogs and web sites, pro-life-resources, youth ministry resources, link to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and many prayers. Then it throws in a bunch of interactive social media options like a prayer wall, discussion board, a photo gallery input option, and links to Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest accounts of the Catholic celebrities–Pope Francis, US bishops and EWTN. Whew! And navigation is easily accomplished by holding your phone in one hand and using one thumb (Thumbs up to that!) The downside? Because most all of the resources are linked, you have to be connected to the internet to use most features of this app (other than the note pad). But for the price, this app is well worth the real estate it takes on your mobile device. Go ahead and consider it as the first all-in-one app you download IF your device is constantly connected to the internet.

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verbumVerbum (Free for basic components including a Roman Missal in English) Apple | Android | Kindle Fire | Mac and PC. This is a Catholic Bible study app under the Logos Bible Software product line. While Logos is primarily Protestant in orientation, its developers have created a Catholic version under the brand, Verbum. Not all Bible study apps are created equally. This one caters uniquely to Catholic study in that it incorporates sacred scripture and tradition. In addition to being a world-class app for studying the Bible, Verbum includes a Missal containing the complete lectionary (Scripture readings) for Mass. You should have a Bible app anyway, so as long as you’re shopping for a Missal app, why not get the very best Catholic Bible study app available on the market that also happens to come with the Mass readings? The price is right: Free! Read more about Verbum in our page on Bible Apps.

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missale RomanumMissale Romanum Apple ($10.99) Android ($13.57) Looking for the complete Roman Missal in Latin and/or Spanish (approved for use in Spain)? Here it is. The easy navigation allows priests to set their pages in preparation for Mass. Here’s how: tabs replace ribbons and the tabs remember the last page accessed. Preset buttons allow you to set certain pages to access like readings, so you can navigate to them rapidly. Contains complete liturgical calendar, but sensitivity to your particular location/country may not be accurate. LANGUAGES: Currently the only languages available are Latin and Spanish which you can view as a single language or in split screen with two languages simultaneously. Partial versions are available in these languages: Latin-English, Spanish-English, Latin-Italian, Spanish-Italian. It is anticipate these languages will be available in full versions over time. Check out this video to see how the app works.

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Spanish Missals

Approved Missals in the following countries:

Missal in Spanish from Mexico to Central America (Free) Apple devices.
Missal in Spanish for Spain (Free) Apple devices.
Missal in Spanish for Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina (Free) Apple devices.

Also see apps above: Language settings can be set to Spanish for Laudate and iBreviary available in Apple and Android platforms.

Recommended apps for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass (Latin 1962)

iMass ($1.99) for Apple | Android. Extraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass in Latin (1962 missal). Many simply call this the “Traditional Latin Mass.” Brought to you by the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter, this app is supremely easy to use. It provides a complete missal– the text of the Mass of the day according to the 1962 Missal (Latin on left side and English on right side in landscape format)–so you can use it for participation at Mass.  Rubrics are included. We downloaded the day’s missal and were able to use it at an EF Mass. This was an effortless task which left us free to concentrate on the Mass itself without the concerns of following ribboned sections of a book. Everything was included in complete order, so all we had to do was scroll to the end. No need to switch to other page links in the app. It’s all there for you.

Zoom feature (pinch) can be used for the missal and breviary text.

Internet connection needed to operate this app as data is not stored within the app itself.

Outside of an actual church setting, you can watch Masses live or on demand celebrated in the Extraordinary Form courtesy of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter at Christ the King Catholic Church in Sarasota, Florida, USA and other cities around the world. More info. is at the iMass web site. As they appropriately warn, “This app does not serve to fulfill the Sunday Obligation of going to church and assisting at Mass, however it is an optimal way to unite yourself to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at any time of the day or night.” When watching the video version you can use a split screen for the text of the missal.  If you do not have a suitable mobile device, you can watch recordings of the Mass on your computer at this web site AND get the day’s missal.

A relatively new feature. Find-a-Mass, helps you find a Traditional Latin Mass anywhere in the world.

Here’s a review by a hard-core user.

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Laudate  (Free) Apple | Android. Complete review is above. This app also includes Daily Mass Readings (for Ordinary and Extraordinary form of the Roman Missal); Liturgy of the Hours; traditional Roman breviary (1960) available in Latin with a split-screen translation in English; New American Bible; Rosary; Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen); Stations of the Cross and much more.

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iPieta ($.99) Full version in Apple | Android  Reviewed in detail above, this app contains a daily Missal for both Ordinary and Extraordinary form of the Roman Mass.

Many other resources are included which cater to those looking for Traditional devotions and other pre-conciliar gems connected to our Catholic heritage.

Devotional booklets based on Scripture readings at Mass

magnificatMagnificat U.S. Edition (first month Free; in-app subscription purchase $1.99 for each subsequent month) Apple Enjoy the popular daily devotional on your Apple mobile device for half the price of the print booklet subscription. (Developers have promised to produce an Android version for a long time). Just as with the print booklet, you get the daily Mass readings along with antiphons, Collect, Preface, and closing prayer. But Magnificat doesn’t stop there. You also get all their other popular spiritual resources at your fingertips: Scripture reflections, saint of the day, blessings, morning and evening prayer based on Liturgy of the Hours, hymn texts and music, Lectio Divina, liturgical calendar and more. You will be impressed with the spiritual value of much of the content in this classic devotional.  While you will miss the beautiful art that the print version offers, many find this app version easier to read and navigate (especially on a tablet device) than the little 4 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ booklet. This US English edition also comes in Spanish and French.


wordAmongUsThe Word Among Us (Free first month then by subscription) Apple only- “The Word Among Us” magazine is the largest monthly devotional for Catholics based on the Scripture readings from Mass. The app includes:
-Mass readings for everyday of the year (The New American Bible)
-Daily meditations based on Mass readings
-Complete Order of Mass (ICEL)
-All articles found in the print edition
-Plus additional content not found in the printed edition
-Single page portrait and beautiful two page book-like landscape viewing on iPad.
-Apple Newsstand Subscriptions are available for  $1.99/month or $23.99/year. Subscription will automatically renew through your iTunes account until cancelled.


Please note: Missal apps are not precise. Variations in Missals in English-speaking countries are not always accounted for and optional choices may or may not be included in the Missal app for the day’s text. You may wish to verify before using.

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