Read the New Testament in 40 days with audio Bible app’s reading plan

The Bible has been transformed into an audio experience engaging your imagination in exhilarating ways. And now you can have that experience coupled with a reading plan that will take you through the entire New Testament in 40 days (think Lent) by serving the text to you on your mobile device AND reading it to you! This is not your ordinary audio book. We’re talking a world-class production of the New Testament read by more than 70 actors (many celebrities) with movie studio sound effects and an original music score! This is supreme audio production at its finest; and it’s for the best book in the world, the Word of God.

Truth-Life-audio-bibleTruth and Life Dramatized audio Bible New Testament (free with in-app purchase to unlock all the audio; Gospel of Mark free) RSV-Catholic Edition translation  Apple | Android | Windows PC |Kindle Fire | Nook

IMG_0022Although developed about eight years ago, this still stands proud as the best audio version of the New Testament in the market in this format. We thought it was a good idea to highlight this amazing app during Lent, especially since it offers two separate 40-day reading plans designed for the Lenten season. The screenshot of the reading plans shows the percentage completion of reading so you can track your progress.

On a long road trip? Stuck in traffic? Fire up this app and enjoy having the Gospels read to you while you listen to the oars of Peter’s boat slapping the water on the Sea of Galilee or the crowds gasp in amazement on witnessing a miracle from Jesus. You’ll enjoy the original background music that dramatically enhances the readings.

From Developers: “More than 70 actors help bring the scriptures to life in this 22-hour audio production, complete with this award-winning audio New Testament … endorsed with an Imprimatur from the Vatican and including a foreword by Pope Benedict XVI.”

The 40-Day reading plans cover your choice of the New Testament or just the Gospels. As an added bonus, you get the audio version of the Gospel of Mark with this free version with the ability to upgrade (a mere $20) to the full New Testament audio at any time.  While the audio only covers the New Testament (with text), you get the text to the entire Bible.

img_8562Our preferred way to get this Bible app is to go through the free EWTN app. This Catholic multi-media app provides a seamless portal to the Truth and Life Audio Bible while at the same time offering you all their great programing which you should have anyway. However, Truth and Life’s app comes with loaded with great resources too. Check out their video below to see all its features.

Individual audio books of the New Testament are $1.99 ea; the complete new Testament is $19.99 and the entire package audio and complete study bible text is $29.99.

IMG_0023In addition to exhilarating audio, the app features:

  • Complete text of RSV-CE synchronized with audio [text highlights move with the audio reading- very cool]
  • Go directly to any verse and hear and see the Bible text instantly [very cool!]
  • Use the built-in playlist [reading plan] to hear/read the New Testament in 40 days or in Chronological order
  • Search verses
  • Create your own playlist of verses [who else provides that?]
  • Remembers where you left off with bookmark
  • Easily fit entire 22 hours of audio on your device
  • Ability to highlight text and take notes
  • Maps of the Holy Land during various Biblical times
  • Spanish text version of the Bible is NOW offered (La biblia de Straubinger, considered the premier Catholic Bible in Spanish)


Check out the video promotion for this app:

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