Top Advent Apps for 2018

Prepare for Christmas with a little Advent devotion on-the-go!

No Santas or snowmen here. These apps are about the serious business of preparing for the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Are you ready to take this on? Here are some of the best mobile apps out there for Advent 2018.

Xt3 Advent Calendar 2018 (Free) Apple iPhone | Apple iPad | Android phone | Android tablet. This is hands down the best digital mobile Advent Calendar app out there, and we look forward to its daily surprises throughout the season! Brought to you by the Archdiocese of Sydney, Australia, this calendar app opens up each day with new resources and material to aid your Advent journey through Christmas to January 6, Feast of the Epiphany. (No peaking! The day will not open until it arrives, just like a proper Advent Calendar should behave). You’ll get a bible quote, daily reflection, charming art and some form of multimedia to support the day’s theme. These thought-provoking, spirit-enriched themes help you to tap into avenues you may not have traveled in your spiritual journey. You will enjoy this daily, yet brief plunge. Appreciated is XT3’s sensitivity to the richness of the subject and to the importance of the individual soul accessing the content in such a personal format as a phone in the palm of a hand or tablet in a lap. We are grateful each season for this lovely pre-Christmas gift from the Archdiocese of Sydney!

From developers:

This calendar is a Christian resource well suited for youth groups, parishes, schools, or for your own personal Advent journey.

An internet connection will be required to view linked content, so make sure you have an adequate data allowance with your device if you wish to view them.

At the top of this page, check out the video overview of the app courtesy of Rome Reports.

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Pixmas-APPCan’t find a digital Advent calendar that you like? Make up your own custom Advent calendar this season! That’s right.  Pixmas Advent Apple (Free) enables you to create an Advent calendar utilizing 24 of your own photos with ability to include text. This is an enjoyable and subtle way to engage your loved ones in faith reflection each day in a most personalized way.

advent phone

You know them best, so you can tailor the calendar to a group or to an individual (make as many calendars as you wish!) and then share via Facebook, Messenger or email with a link.  So, for my family, I created one using old Christmas photos to bring up great memories and added a reflection for the day — a little something religious to think about. For example, Day 1 is an old photo of our Advent Wreath with the text: May Christ’s light illuminate you on your journey each day of your life.

Add Scripture text, an inspiring quote from a family member who has passed on, a picture of the church your family attended years ago, a photo of your family nativity set or a special Christmas ornament…You get the idea.



Magnificat Advent Companion 2018Apple ($1.99) Android, ($1.99) Kindle ($2.99), Kobo ($2.99), e-book for Mac and iOS ($2.99) English. The paperback print version is sold out, but you can get the electronic version any time.  English, French and Spanish. From the publishers of Magnificat:

  • a practical, page-a-day format featuring original meditations on the Gospel reading of each day by many gifted authors.
  • Readings and responsorial psalms for Mass each day
  • Each issue of the Advent Companion is never the same as the last and contains these one-of-a-kind extras that you won’t find anywhere else:
    • a variety of beautiful blessings (for your Christmas Tree or Advent Wreath) and essays
    • Prayers (including Praying the “O” Antiphons)
    • an Advent Penance Service
    • specially-commissioned poetry
    • a unique feature: the Advent Stations

and much more!

Here is a review of a previous version.

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Pray-As-You-Go offers its popular audio Advent Retreat.  What you’re getting is a digital audio retreat available as a podcast from iTunes podcast feeds or off their web site or off their free app, Pray-As-You-Go Apple | Android.  Produced by Jesuit Media Initiatives out of Britain, in collaboration with Sacred Space , the audio retreat invites you to spend about about 11 minutes per day in a systematic method of prayer and meditation as you listen to and reflect on God’s word along with gentle reflections offered by the Jesuits.

The 2018 Advent Retreat entitled, Dwelling with God, focuses on the Prologue to the Gospel of John, “specifically on how God came to dwell with us,” developers explain. “This retreat offers you an opportunity to take some time out from the busyness of your life and come to a renewed awareness of the presence of Christ in your life and in His closeness to you. You are invited to deepen your relationship with Him; to welcome Him into your life this Christmas in a new way, and to in turn dwell with Him.”

*Please note – they will release one session each week. Session 1 will be released this Thursday 29th November. Get a sneak peek at the program by listening to the Retreat Introduction now.

You will enjoy the wide variety of music in these podcasts which you can purchase via links on the Pray-As-You-Go web site. This is always an absolute gem of an experience to listen to. Powerful and thought-provoking meditations on topics you probably have never considered. Be prepared to give this app TIME. Don’t expect them to rush because that’s counter-productive to what they do in these podcasts. Relax and enjoy the serene moments of music or sound effects that they insert where you are to contemplate and ruminate aspects of the mystery of Advent.

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advent-lectioDivinascreen568x568.jpgLectio Divina for Advent (Free) iPhone | iPad, Advent calendars are designed to unpack a daily gift or message each day of the season. This is better–Unpack daily Scripture readings during the season! This is done through Lectio Divina or a meditative, prayerful way of reading Scripture. The Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay (Australia) has taken their popular Advent Lectio Divina to the app format which offers a reflection for each week of Advent as well as Christmas and Epiphany, an overview of the Advent season and information about Lectio Divina for your Scripture passages. You’ll need to read the lengthy instruction on Lectio Divina before you begin, but it’s important to get you started correctly so you get the most out of the Scripture served up to you for the week. Granted, the app is for the 2014 season using Mass readings from that year, but it still works for any year. [Below is screen shot of the tablet home page.]

lectio divina advent app screenshot

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XmastreekindnessAPPImagine decorating a Christmas tree in which each ornament is placed ONLY when an act of kindness is performed! Christmas Tree of Kindness  Apple (1.39) | Android (.99) encourages acts of kindness from you (or your entire family) as you prepare for the birth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. While this isn’t a Catholic app per se, (or even Christian, as it doesn’t mention Jesus) it certainly is a creative way to get you engaged in the Advent season by encouraging you to make a conscious effort to spread acts of kindness. It even offers suggestions! Great for kids and adults. Want to invite others in your extended family to join you in decorating a tree? An upgrade version is available for Apple ($2.79) and Android ($1.99)

Virtual Advent Wreath Videos

Sometimes you need to just find a quiet corner to get away to pray. A Virtual Advent Wreath is always with you. Here’s a way to get a free virtual Advent Wreath in the palm of your hand! These YouTube videos (requiring internet access, of course) each play for about an hour. Select the Advent week and then start praying/meditating. No audio in these. Just enjoy the calm of the candlelight as you lie in bed, or sit in your car, or sneak away for a little quiet time during work break. Bookmark this page for quick access. Peace be with you this holy Advent season. Come, Lord Jesus. Come to my heart.

Do you have other Advent Apps you’d like to share with the Catholic APPtitude community? Please offer links and your reviews in comments below.

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