Pope suggests: Treat your Bible like you treat your cell phone

“What would happen if we treated the Bible like we treat our cellphone. Think about this. The Bible always with us, close to us!” That’s the question posed by Pope Francis to pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square on the First Sunday of Lent.

Excerpt from from CNA/EWTN News:

“During the forty days of Lent, as Christians we are called to follow in the footsteps of Jesus and address the spiritual battle against evil with the power of the Word of God,” he said March 5. “For this you have to become familiar with the Bible, read it often, meditate on it, assimilate it.”

“Someone said: what would happen if we treated the Bible like we treat our cell phone? If we always carried it with us; or at least the small pocket-sized Gospel, what would happen?”

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The Holy Father in the past has endorsed downloading Bible apps on mobile devices as one way to get Sacred Scripture close to your heart. We’ve got links to the best Bible apps out there! Check out our Bible Apps page for our up-to-date listing. There you’ll read all about the many extraordinary features and functions built into Bible apps that a print book can’t offer–imbedded note-taking, highlighting, ability to share passages via social media, lightening speed search capability and much more!

Do you know of a great Catholic Bible app and don’t see it listed? Go ahead and list it in the comments section below. We are a Catholic App community, and sharing apps is what we’re all about.

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2 Comments on “Pope suggests: Treat your Bible like you treat your cell phone”

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