Divine Office website shut off to new users June 6

Update to previous posts on this subject…

The exquisite text/audio Liturgy of the Hours web site, DivineOffice.org, will be closed to new users on June 6. Their app, Divine Office, has already been shut down to new users. This is all due to licensing issues. According to the producer of Divine Office:

  • The Divine Office app works and will continue to if you already have it.
  • If you do not have the app, you cannot get it as it is shut down to new users.
  • If you are not already a registered user of the web site which provides the same audio/text as the app, you will need to register by June 6 to continue the web site service.
  • You do not have to own the app to use the web site, but you must be registered to use the web site.
  • If you own the app, that doesn’t mean you are a registered user on the web site.
  • If you’re not sure whether you are a registered user, rush to their web site to verify.
  • Registration is FREE.  Use of the web site and all its valuable content updated daily is FREE.
  • The web site offer the USA/English version of the Liturgy of the Hours.

divine officeBottom line, you will want to register on the web site, whether you use the service or not. Why? Divine Office is just that great of a product/ministry/service to anyone who prays the Liturgy of the Hours (aka Breviary) or who may wish to in the future. And you DO want to at least give this ancient prayer of the Church a try. Already pray the Breviary? You will want the audio format as it comes in handy when you can’t read from text. And having access to the text on line is valuable should you be without your book!

This is a fully produced audio of the prayer (complete with chimes and hymns)  utilizing a cast of readers–and at times chanters–for each “hour” of the day’s cycle. In addition, you get all the text for all the hours in beautiful format along with the ribbon settings for the Christian Prayer book and the 4-volume set of the Breviary. And all of that is FREE.

Breviary-pageAs we have stated in previous posts on this subject, this conundrum is a terrible blow to the on-line/app world. Divine Office opened up this ancient prayer of the Church to countless thousands of Christians who would never approach the Breviary on their own. Indeed, an entire community expanded exponentially across the world (no exaggeration) united in this prayer. We continue to lift this issue up in prayer that a just and wise resolution will come about quickly.

Below is the entire June 3, 2016 message from the producer of DivineOffice.org, Dane Falkner:

Dear Community,

The Divine Office website will be closed off to new members on Monday, June 6th.

For all of you using our app, please note: the registration refers to the website, not the app. You can use the app as before, and it will function well for as long as we are able to keep this work alive.

But, making an account with the website will secure a place for you in the community and we will be better able to keep you informed, protect you and the service we provide. Also, the website is a backup for the app and will always be free.

To register go to our website, here: http://divineoffice.org/register/ and follow the instructions there. Please add no-reply@divineoffice.org and support@divineoffice.org to your e-mail contacts address book to make sure the message doesn’t get caught in spam filters.

For those of you who are NOT SURE if you are registered already or not, please note:

If you are registered and already Logged in, when you’ll try to Log in again, this message will appear: “You are already signed in. Do you want to log out?”

If you assume you are registered but don’t remember your password, click on the red link Forgot your password at the bottom of the Sign In page. Please note the reset link you will receive via email is viable only 12 hours. Or, you can write the password you want to use back to support@divineoffice.org and request the change.

If you are trying to recover your password but this message will come up: “We Have No Record of Your Email Address” that means you don’t have an account with the website and you’ll have to register here: http://divineoffice.org/register/

Any existing users as well as priests, nuns, brothers anyone with disabilities or advanced age can be accepted in by sending a request to support@divineoffice.org we’ll offer the assistance you need.

Most of all, please be patient and don’t lose heart, your place in the community will be yours. We’ll be hidden in Christ, as someone in the community beautifully said.

May God’s blessings and grace be with you
Dane Falkner
God’s servant and producer of Divine Office

You can contribute using the on-line form at the following URL: http://divineoffice.org/newsletter/contribute or you can mail a check.

Please make your checks out as payable to Divine Office and mail them to the following address:

Divine Office
c/o Surgeworks
4609 S. 2300 E.
Suite 103
Holladay, UT 84117 USA

Please include your email address and let us know if you wish this gift to be anonymous.

– Join us in prayer at DivineOffice.org

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