An app for the serious pursuit of adult Catholic faith formation

Institute of Catholic Culture (Free) iOS If an app can induce a backflip, this would be it–at least for me. Here is your opportunity to browse hundreds of hours of audio and video lectures live and on-demand on a whole host of topics related to the Catholic faith. Think of it as adult faith formation on steroids. This serendipitous find is brought to you as a gift of the New Evangelization by the Institute of Catholic Culture, an adult catechetical organization that offers education programs structured upon the classical liberal arts.

This is serious content delivered to you by competent and faithful lecturers in their fields; but it is not erudite or elitist. It is down to earth and rock solid Catholic on topics such as Scripture, Church History, Philosophy, Politics, Theology, Ethics, Ancient/Biblical World and much more. Popular lecturers include Msgr. Charles Pope, Alice von Hildebrand, Fr. George Rutler, Dale Ahlquist, Deacon Keith Fournier, William Marshner, Bishop Robert Morlino, Timothy O’Donnell, Fr. Paul Scalia, Bishop Clarence Silva, Bishop Robert Vasa and more. What is missing from that list is women. Surely, beyond Dr. von Hildebrand, women scholars could be found to enlighten us on a variety of topics. In this day and age, that can be considered a serious flaw in catechetical presentation–and what are we teaching, guys?

Many lectures come with lecture hand-outs on pdf files you can print out. You can also subscribe to podcasts of lectures through iTunes. The live broadcast feature works effortlessly. Check out the ICC web site for a complete list of their rich offerings and explanation of this spectacular on-line educational ministry which you can operate from your iPhone. Language: English only. Need internet connection to access content.

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Author:Jennifer Kane

Content Evangelist, Jennifer Kane, is a secular Carmelite (OCDS), wife, mother, grandmother and avid Catholic app user who works in the field of corporate communications --BA Journalism; MA English--and is communications director at the Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels in Olean, NY. What began as an e-mail service to priests and seminarians looking for quality Catholic apps for mobile devices has grown into a world-wide community of Catholic app enthusiasts looking for and recommending great Catholic apps.

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