Pope Emoji gets Christmas update

The popular Pope Emoji app has been updated with Christmas themes! Now you can warm up your messages with the love of the season by including a light-hearted image of Pope Francis in six new Christmas settings. The free keyboard app available for both Apple and Android mobile devices offers you the ability to text, tweet and otherwise message (but not Facebook) with a set of 58 different emojis — the original 52 were designed around his September 2015 visit to the United States. As  developers noted at the time, if their Pope Emoji become popular enough, they might update with new stickers and animations in the future. So this is a terrific little Christmas gift update.

A couple good questions…popemoji-xmas

Will recipients of your message recognize that image as Pope Francis with his red santa hat in place of the white zucchetto? Hmmm…Not sure about that.

Is it insulting to the Holy Father? It depends on how his image is used in your message. When someone texts me with: “I got 2 free Star Wars tickets! Wish I knew how to do a backflip.” I reply with the pope looking surprised emblazoned with the word, WOW! Keep it light-hearted; and protect his image as you would your grandfather’s. Your friend sends a bah hum-bug message. Send him Pope Francis with a dove and the words, “Peace on Earth.”
pope-textHow it works

Pope Emoji can be used just like any other third-party keyboard app. But don’t let the name fool you. These are NOT emoji-sized graphics. They are larger stickers–-pope doing things like singing with nuns; saying “Ho Ho Ho”; saying an enthusiastic “Gracias!” or standing by the Eiffel Tower with the words: Joyeux Noel. And you get some animated GIF images such as pope snapping his fingers; pope watering a plant or pope praying.

pope-wowOperation is pretty straightforward after downloading: re-set your keyboard setting with prompts; choose a sticker or GIF image and choose the social media you’d like to use to send the image–that automatically puts it on your clipboard. Paste in your message.

Don’t forget the essential social … #GoodIsWinning and @PopeIsHope

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