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Want to add Catholic apps to your digital mobile device? Your search is over. We do all the work for you in locating quality Catholic apps and present them in a neat, orderly format for you to browse according to your needs and interests. Welcome to Catholic Apptitude, an online community created to serve the needs of people looking for mobile resources to help add faith and inspiration to their lives. Whether Catholic or not, you’re sure to find something in the Catholic digital media world that will inspire, challenge or refreshen your spiritual journey. Every point of contact whether as an app, a recording, a book or a podcast is an invitation to get to know Jesus Christ and the Good News he brings to all.

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Distilled for you in this site are the best of the top-rated Catholic mobile apps and other forms of digital media that appeal to a wide variety of needs and interests.

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We personally test drive most of the apps listed. To find the very best out there, we sift through top-10 lists, app awards and trusted Catholic blogs and web sites. We also consult Catholic clergy, seminarians and Catholic app-using friends (including this site’s “recommendations” page and com boxes) to find the top Catholic apps in the marketplace for Apple (iPhone/iPad/iPodTouch) Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Kindle and Nook.

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Author:Jennifer Kane

Content Evangelist, Jennifer Kane, is a secular Carmelite (OCDS), wife, mother, grandmother who worked for more than 30 years in marketing/communications which included 20 years in radio broadcasting including news director. She holds degrees in Journalism/Communication (BA) and English (MA) from St. Bonaventure University. In 2016 she authored the Vatican application for minor basilica status for The Basilica of St. Mary of the Angels in Olean, New York. Pope Francis granted that title in 2017. Research on the basilica formed the basis of her history book, A Place Set Apart. She previously authored the book, A Worthy and Capable Clergyman, the second part of the history book in a slightly different format. She is founder and editor of the website, CatholicAPPtitude.org, the #1 English language website cataloging/reviewing Catholic apps for mobile devices.

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3 Comments on “#1 source listing top Catholic apps”

  1. Life Saver
    December 25, 2014 at 4:04 pm #

    Dead Jennifer, Wishing you a very Blessed Christmas. Thank you for your digital ministry which is a blessing to many believers – having access to a distilled list of reliable Catholic apps is certainly a very valuable resource and I applaud you for your diligence in this area. I know I rely on your list and do refer back to it frequently myself.

    I wanted to check if you’re aware of the new Marian app(free) released recently and if you would kindly share this free resource with your community of subscribers.

    Totally Yours is a free Marian app featuring the original 33 day total consecration to Jesus through Mary by St.Louis de Montfort.

    Totally Yours app (Free) – is available for both iOS and Android devices



    During this season of advent, what a wonderful way to prepare our hearts for Jesus and Mary, by totally consecrating ourselves and our families. This consecration would be the most appropriate gift of ourselves to Jesus and Mary.

    Your prayers for the spread of this Marian app would be greatly appreciated.

    much blessings in Jesus and Mary,

    Ben http://www.eternallifesaver.com

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Muhanad Gorgeed
    January 8, 2015 at 2:47 pm #

    Mart Mariam Chaldean Church App

    As the world has changed, so have we.
    A new world requires a new approach.
    Today’s Our Church stays informed and connected 7 days a week, from anywhere, and on any device.
    It is with great pleasure that I say,
    Welcome to Mart Mariam Chaldean Church App
    Designed for your everyday life.
    We all know that the Internet, Digital media, and Social Networks have changed the
    way we learn, interact, and create change. and today On more than 60 million devices all over the world ,Your Church’s own custom mobile App. Amazing Features. Easy-to-use and Beautiful Design., people Can read ,listen and share .
    We’ve spent hundreds of hours to develop the best platform to serve your needs.
    One touch and Staying ahead with the latest church information has never been easier
    Mart Mariam Chaldean Church App , provides instant access to all current information about our parish including the following key features:
    -Event Calendar
    -Easy access to Mass Times and Liturgical Calendar
    -Submit Pictures from Church Events
    -Easily contact Church Staff via the directory
    -Push Notifications: Instant information about important events at our church

    Read the bible and will see Jesus in all the loveliness of His person and the perfection of His work, and to make Him known through the preaching of the gospel
    keeping your finger on the pulse of our online community has never been more convenient. The app connects you directly to our church’s official Facebook & tweeter page, allowing you to like or comment on posts or pictures. You can also view YouTube videos from our church and Instagram posts about our church shared by the community

    You can get it from App store :


    You can get it from Google Play :


  3. Raymond J. Ryan
    August 16, 2015 at 8:52 am #

    Keep up the fine work- also consider apps to assist in resurrecting Latin, the language of the church. Well thought out reading lists, showing free where applicable. You might look at the ebook list on the St. Patrick, Ottawa, Canada page. God Bless – Raymond J. Ryan

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