Catholic citizen journalist not welcome at ‘welcoming’ parish

All are welcome? It depends upon your definition of “all.”

Michael Voris, executive producer of, exposed a bit of hypocrisy recently at a New York City church. Okay. So Mr. Voris comes with a little baggage having made a career of exposing shenanigans going on in Catholic World though his digital media enterprise. The guy’s trying to “address the serious erosion of the Catholic Faith in the last 50 years,” according to his web site. That is his prerogative, no? So, when the parish advertises “All are welcome” at its Pre-[Gay] Pride [Parade} Mass, he decides to go.

We assume both parties are freely exercising their prerogatives, Not so fast. Regardless of what you think of his full report here (a representative sample of his snarky, overly drawn-out style), you have to admit he makes a startling point. The more salient moments are in this snippet which illustrates the value of citizen journalists in today’s digital world:



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