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Finding it difficult to pray? Try 10 prayer tips and a prayer app

“Fix your inward gaze upon Him amidst your occupations.” Leave it to Carmelite nuns (the combat Marines of prayer!) to come up with helpful ways to kick-start prayer in your daily routine. Along with their practical (and creative) tips, you will also want to check out the wide assortment of Prayer Apps for your mobile […]

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Pray daily with Pope Francis using ClickToPray app

Pray with Pope Francis! Did you know that each month the Pope announces his specific prayer intentions?  These prayers are generally aimed at particular challenges facing humanity and the mission of the Church. ClickToPray (Free)  Apple |  Android is designed to help people around the world to pray along with Pope Francis in these particular intentions of his. To encourage you stay engaged in daily prayer, the app gives […]

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