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Passion of Jesus app half off and on the Watch

In honor of the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross  (September 14) developers of the  Passion of Jesus app  [iOS | Android] have reduced the price in half–from $1.99 USD to $.99 cents until September 21. In addition to the sale, its developer, Benedict Xavier, announces that the app is now available for the Apple Watch. This is most […]

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Passion of Jesus app 50% off through Ash Wednesday

You have between now and Ash Wednesday (February 10) to purchase the Passion of Jesus app for half price. This sale is offered by its developer, Benedict Xavier, to encourage the devotion during the season of Lent. The ingenious app ($1.39) iOS and Android is designed to help you develop a tender daily devotion to Jesus Christ and his passion by […]

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Passion of Jesus app offered FREE on Good Friday only

“In honor of Our Lord’s amazing love,” developers of the Passion of Jesus are offering their devotional app for FREE on Good Friday. Normally $1.99, for iOS and Android devices, it is offered as a FREE download for 24 hours FOR APPLE DECICES ONLY. Obviously, this app is an ideal treasure of a devotional aid for this particular holy day. Through this generosity, it […]

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