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Lent Apps assist your 40-day journey to Easter

Pope Francis describes Lent as a “time of grace” and invites everyone to “live this Lent as an opportunity for engaging in … a formation of the heart.” Several Catholic apps are exclusively devoted to Lenten devotions designed to assist you in doing just that–opening your heart to transformative graces so you can go out there and […]

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Digital Lectio Divina: encounter the Word on a mobile device

Lectio Divina is a particular form of prayer/meditation in which you read, reflect and pray over Scripture. It literally means, “Divine Reading.” Practiced by Christians for centuries, Lectio Divina isn’t just reading words. It is an encounter with the Word of God–an encounter with Christ through the words of Scripture. You can choose any Scripture […]

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For Lent: Take the New Testament 46-Day Challenge

The folks over at FutureSoft who produced the Truth and Life Audio Bible have packaged their biblical offerings into a cool daily guide to help you read the four Gospels throughout Lent on iOS, Adroid,  Kindle Fire and  Nook. Here’s what you get for FREE: * entire text of RSV-CE …the entire bible with search features and the ability to choose verses […]

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