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Audio help for lectors today

Hit Play… Lectors, please take note. Do you find yourself tripping over all the four-syllable Biblical names sprinkled throughout today’s First Reading? Not to worry. There’s an app for that dilemma. iMissal has an audio feature that you can play to help you with pronunciation. A couple run-throughs with this recording prepared me to be […]

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Missal misses with today’s suppressed feast day

I have written previously about the need to check your digital missal before Mass starts Just. To. Be. Sure. Like any program containing lots of data that has variable content, missal apps can be error prone. Don’t get me wrong. I love the iMissal app. It has been a staple on my iPhone for two years. I use it […]

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Error-prone day

Today you might have noticed an error in some mobile apps with content tied to the liturgical calendar in the United States. Like most countries,  we have our anomalies at times. Today is a good example as we celebrate the optional memorial of St. Jane de Chantal, religious. Check out this link to get the complete […]

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