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Roman Catholic Missals for

Ordinary and  Extraordinary (1962 Latin) forms of the Mass

Please note: Missal apps are not precise. Variations in Missals in English-speaking countries are not always accounted for and optional choices may or may not be included in the Missal app for the day’s text. It is advised to verify before using.

RomanMissalThe Roman Missal English/Latin ($4.89) Android only. Imagine a Missal app created with input from priests and lay people who celebrate or hear Mass daily and work in collaboration with publishers of the Roman Missal since 1989 in English Speaking countries. The result is a most comprehensive Missal app designed with an interface that requires minimal navigation when celebrating or attending Mass. Internet connection is not needed to operate. You can even have your texts in Latin, if you prefer. According to the developers: “The app contains all the prayers and readings used in Mass for the Liturgical year. The English texts for the Order of Mass and Prefaces are from the 3rd Edition. The Order of Mass and Prefaces can be displayed in English, Latin or Both. The Entrance and Communion Antiphons, the Gospel Acclamations, and responses to the Psalms are in English and Latin. The app can be used offline, unlike the other Missal apps that require an online connection to download the prayers or readings for the day. Additionally, it contains the complete supplement of the Roman Missal for use in the Philippines (i.e. Simbang Gabi masses, Feast of the Sto. Nino, etc.). We are working to add more supplements for the English speaking dioceses and territories all over the world.

The app has an implementation of the General Roman Calendar that automatically displays the celebration for the day for any day of any year, forever. The app then loads the proper index pages for the respective season. The app has handy buttons that correspond to the ribbon markers in the printed missal.

For the next version which we shall release by the First quarter of 2013, we shall complete the readings for masses of the dead and masses for weddings. By the Second quarter 2013, we shall release the app with the prayers in Latin.”

iMissal($4.99) iOSAndroid , Blackberry   Kindle FireWindows Phone version is $6.99. Ordinary  Form of the Roman Catholic Mass.  (updated with English 3rd ed.) An indispensable component of my iPhone. Here’s a link explaining all the features of this great app which comes fully loaded.  Just click the day on the little calendar and voilà, the Liturgy of the Word readings are there in proper order AND linked to their iMissal Bible (NAB, NIV or KJV). Easy to read because you can bump up the text size with the zoom-in tool or set it to desired size in settings. Text is re-formatted to fit when you zoom. Very helpful. Personally, my husband and I no longer use the printed missal in my church pew because this is so much easier to read. Internet/phone connection NOT needed to run this app. Updates include Our Daily Bread (verses linked to iMissal’s bible); audio readings (requires internet connection) which can aid lectors with pronunciation, HQ video of Mass from CatholicTV (requires internet connection), and much more. My only complaint is the occasional omission and inaccuracy which I warn about in the disclaimer in red above. For instance, in 2013 the feast day was incorrect on August 12 (for USA) and on October 28 the Gospel was completely omitted from the readings. Apps are not flawless, so it pays to trust but verify, especially if you are planning to use them in a public setting or at Mass (Heaven forbid!) Also, the Bible versions should all be Catholic, in my opinion, consistent with the content of the app. Available only in English as developers await the USCCB approval for the Spanish lectionary which they report will be forthcoming.

 The New Mass ($2.99) for iOS and Android. Reviewed by CatholicTechTalk. Designed to help the laity learn responses in the Revised English Translation of the Roman Missal (3rd ed.) Ideal for those in the pews as it separates out each segment of the Mass offering the present translation, the revised translation and a little catechesis on the “reasons” for each revised translation. This app is very simple to use. The darkened background assures that you won’t have a bright white screen illuminating in your hand, distracting those in the pews. It is nice to have these revised texts with you when traveling, attending churches other than your home parish. With so many nuances in the new English translation, no one can possibly pick up all of  them with a few trial runs. This app is valuable to help the congregation learn its new lines with deeper understanding over time. The Gloria and the Creed are the major changes that take time to commit to memory, so this app helps. There are NO Mass readings and no priest parts in this app as it is NOT a complete missal. It is strictly the common text that the congregation recites from a missal.

NewMissalNew Missal (Free) iOS and Android. English version of the Roman Missal (3rd Edition). Imagine an app that offers the Missal in the same format as texting, so following the parts of the Mass is intuitive to you. Screen shots on the linked sites show you how this works. Complete with readings which can be synched. German and Spanish versions also available.


Laudete  [Formerly "Catholic One"] (Free) iOs and Android. This probably is the #1 free Catholic app because it is the most comprehensive. Available in English, Español, Português, Italiano, Bahasa and Polski. Daily Mass Readings, New American Bible, Rosary, Chaplet of Divine Mercy (on Rosary screen), Stations of the Cross, various prayers and prayers in Latin with English translation. Podcast for Rosary and Stations. Daily Meditations. Podcasts of Daily Readings and meditations. Launcher for iCatholicRadio. Ability to bookmark prayers and create own categorized prayers. Export/Import for prayers. NAB Bible when connected to internet only. It also offers Douay-Rheims Bible which is local so you don’t need to be connected to the internet. This makes for a large file, so they recommend moving the app to your phone’s SD card. This app also includes LOTS of prayers. Here’s another review from a user.

iBreviary Terra Sancta  (Free) -for iOS and Blackberry and Android and Kindle Fire and the new Kindle Fire HD. Don’t let the name fool you. It is NOT JUST A BREVIARY…IT’S THE COMPLETE ROMAN MISSAL (3rd ed.) and more.  There is a learning curve for priests navigating the Sacramentary, but it is fairly easy to master after a few run-throughs or use of tutorial. A new MASS EDITOR has been added which gives priests the ability to create all the texts of the Mass on one page, adding the text of the homily, announcements, readings, etc. which is used by just scrolling through all the texts in complete order. The Mass text created can use both ferial texts, as well as texts from the Common of Saints, Votive Masses, etc. The problem with this new feature is the excessive amount of scrolling needed to get to the specific part of the Mass text needed (because so many optional texts are included in your “created” version. You don’t want to do that while saying Mass. The older version of using the menu along the left side (in landscape view) is much simpler.  Packaged with iBreviary, you also get

  • Liturgy of the Hours (Roman and Ambrosian Rite)
  • Roman and Ambrosian Missal
  • Application available in English, Italian, French, Latin, Spanish
  • Mass readings (full lectionary) for the current day  [but cumbersome to navigate to from the Missal]
  • Missal and Breviary for the celebrations of the Saints. (also the commons)
  • Main prayers of the Catholic tradition
  • About Saints Day (short bio and picture)
  • Load up to 10 days to use off-line
  • Ordinary of the Mass and rituals according to the Vetus Ordo of 1962.
  • Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, mobile version, widgets. Click here to access the web version on your web-based device like Kindle (must be connected to internet).

altarUsing an iPad, iBreviary can be used in place of the traditional missal on the altar if you are without your Sacramentary. But world-wide, the debate on the propriety of this use continues. Some priests object to this unless in a pinch. Others have had a great experience with using an iPad in place of a printed missal. New Zeland bishops have forbidden its use by priests in that country.

You need internet/phone connection to operate this app. However, you can download a week of liturgies stored in a separate cache in case you are going to be in an area with no internet access (like your sanctuary!) Make sure all the particular texts you need are there before beginning Mass. This app is not biased toward the United States calendar, for example.

USA Today report and this report.   Vatican endorsed.

Catholics-companion Catholic’s Companion Windows Phone (Free or .99 cents) The free version of A Catholic’s Companion has ads. Among the many features of this app you will find daily Mass readings (no Missal). If you want to watch a video of the day’s Mass on line, it has a direct link to CatholicTV’s filmed daily Mass. On a Windows Phone 8 the speed with which you access this video is incredible.


Catholic Cheat Sheet- (Free with ads; $.99 w/0 adds) iOS,  Android- Text of the Mass (responses only) with new English translation included (3rd ed.). This app includes dozens and dozens of prayers along with catechetical instruction on a variety of topics. Review by Catholic Tech Talk: “This is the perfect app to have Catholic answers at your disposal at any point in time.  One of the best features is the order of the Mass INCLUDING the New Mass [translation]…”


iMass  ($1.99) for iOS and AndroidExtraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass in Latin (1962 missal). Get the missal and video stream of daily mass in the Extraordinary Form to watch on demand (use HD version for iPad). More info. is at the iMass web site. The app provides a complete missal– the text of the Mass of the day according to the 1962 Missal–so you can use it for participation at Mass BUT you must have internet connection to use this app. Zoom feature (pinch) can be used for the missal and breviary text. You can watch recorded Masses and a LIVE mass in the Extraordinary Form. As they appropriately warn, “This app does not serve to fulfill the Sunday Obligation of going to church and assisting at Mass, however it is an optimal way to unite yourself to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at any time of the day or night.” When watching the video version you can use a split screen for the text of the missal.  If you do not have a suitable mobile device, you can watch recordings of the mass on your computer at this web site AND get the day’s missal. NEW Version 3.0 (Oct 17, 2012) is a complete ground-up overhaul of this tremendous app. New layout, addition of Roman Breviary. Here’s a review by a hard-core user.

Magnificat (Free to subscribers of print edition/$1.99 per month) iOS only. The official texts of the daily Mass. The App is free for subscribers to the printed version of the USA edition. Otherwise, it is free from the day you install the App, until the end of the month, then buy each month for $1.99. Presented in a day-by-day format, the MAGNIFICAT App includes: morning, evening, and night prayers inspired by the Liturgy of the Hours; readings and prayers of each daily Mass; daily meditations drawn from the best writings of the Church Fathers as well as recent spiritual masters; and essays on the lives of the saints from yesterday and today.

Looking for a similar print form for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Catholic Mass (1962)? Check out Laudamus Te, a devotional magazine published 6 times a year.

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